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Individual storage rooms from
1 – 50m2 - ideal for furniture storage

Rent your own personal storage room in Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Schlieren, Spreitenbach, Therwil, Villeneuve or Zurich.

Your benefits with Zebrabox


As Switzerland's No. 1 we can draw on extensive experience as a self-storage provider (we've been doing this since 1979). This enables us to give you the expert, comprehensive advice you need.

Our storage facilities are neither cold nor damp!

Our storage rooms are dry and temperature controlled, to ensure that you and your items are comfortable for both short and longer stays.

Strangers in your storage room? Not at Zebrabox!

Each storage room is individually alarmed and all our facilities are video monitored.

Fair billing!

We charge you on a monthly basis. That means you receive 12 invoices per year and not 13 (as with certain other providers).

No more loading/unloading in the rain!

All our delivery areas are covered and allow convenient loading and unloading of your vehicle.

Let your mail orders be delivered directly at Zebrabox.

We receive your mail-order goods and inform you once delivered.


Whether you want to store furniture, your basement is too small, you want to temporarily pack up your household for a trip around the world or just need somewhere to store your winter or summer tyres — at Zebrabox's 8 locations you'll find your perfect, personal storage space. Big or small, short- or long-term, our customer advisers will help you find the perfect solution to ensure everything has its proper place.

Life often changes at short notice, leaving little time to re-organise. Whether due to a change of lifestyle or a new professional opportunity, moving home is always a stressful time during which Zebrabox can provide short-term, uncomplicated help. Store your beloved furniture to give yourself valuable extra days or weeks. Long-term storage facilities are also not a problem — if your hobby is taking up too much room, Zebrabox can provide the necessary, additional storage space.