Price guarantee with Zebrabox

If you are interested in a storage unit at Zebrabox, you can benefit from our price guarantee. If you receive a valid offer from a comparable provider in the same area, we are happy to adjust our price.

Price garantee

Please note the following points:

  • The corresponding competitor’s offer must be submitted to Zebrabox in written or electronic form. Verbal offers cannot be considered for the price guarantee.
  • The competitor's offer submitted must not be older than one month and must have been prepared before your storage date.
  • The competing offer must come from a comparable self-storage provider that has the same standards (temperature-controlled premises, video surveillance, alarmed facilities) as Zebrabox. In addition, the location of the relevant provider must be within a maximum radius of five kilometres from the Zebrabox location.
  • Competing offers from other self-storage providers (such as container storage, parking spaces or similar) are not included in the Zebrabox price guarantee.
  • The Zebrabox price guarantee is subject to the availability of free storage units in the size requested by the customer.
  • The discount resulting from the price guarantee cannot be combined with other special offers from Zebrabox.
  • Zebrabox reserves the right to terminate the price guarantee offer at any time without notice.
  • The discount granted due to the price guarantee is valid for a maximum of 36 months. After this period, Zebrabox's rates in effect at that time will apply.
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