Real estate and franchise with Zebrabox

The cornerstone for success in the self-storage business is high-quality and unique real estate. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for suitable properties or plots of land. If you have your own self-storage project or are still mulling over the idea, then get in touch with us!

Real estate for expansion

To continue our expansion, we are looking for properties or land in the large conurbations of Switzerland. For a successful project, we need plots of at least 2'000m2 and properties with a total floor space of 1'500m2 to 8'000m2.

Zebrabox franchise

Do you have your own self-storage project? Or a suitable property? You are welcome to share in the success of the Swiss number 1.

Contact us

If you have interesting properties in mind or are interested in a franchise model, we look forward to hearing from you.