Zebrabox appears in a new pattern

For our customers we always want the best! So, we decided to part with our existing website and invested in a new and fresh looking website. Not only the new design is modern and trendy, also its functionality has improved and offers our customers great added value.

For those who are impatient - fast to your goal

Thanks to the new «Find my Zebrabox» tool, you can find your individual storage space in just a few clicks. Select your desired location, the ideal storage space size and we will suggest the best options for your needed storage unit. Also, a new feature, you can now check the prices of the storage spaces online and reserve directly. If you prefer it offline, we are still very happy to help you with a professional Zebrabox consultation over the telephone or in person.

For beginners – easy does it

You have never used Self Storage before? You are not alone, most of our customers are first users. That's why our intuitive tool «Find my Zebrabox» takes you from A to Z - in just a few clicks.


Local Focus

Does Zebrabox Bern have a lifting platform to offload trucks? Are there packaging materials on site in Lausanne? These and other questions will be answered on the individual pages of our sites. This allows you to get an immediate overview of what is offered and ensures you that our services meets your requirements.

Mobile First

The website is designed according to the Mobile First approach. With the help of a user-friendly interface, you can quickly find the right storage space at Zebrabox with your mobile phone or tablet.

But it is best to get an impression yourself. Have fun clicking through! We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!