Use self-storage as a wine cellar substitute

Everyone wants to be able to store good wine for a long time without losing quality. Fortunately, this is possible even without a wine cellar. We show you how. These tips will help you store your wine without affecting its aroma.

Almost everyone has a few wines at home, but not everyone has a whole wine cellar. Being able to store good wine for a long time without losing quality is key. Fortunately, this is possible without a wine cellar, even without a cellar. We show you how. These tips will help you store your wine without affecting its aroma.


The ideal storage temperature for wine is between 7 and 18 degrees Celsius. Room temperature is still acceptable, but only if there are no major fluctuations in temperature. Wine that is to be kept for as many years as possible should not exceed a storage temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, if it is too cold the natural cork can contract, resulting in lots of air entering the bottle and spoiling the taste.

Light protection

Exposure to UV light reduces the life span of wine and should be avoided. The shadier and darker the storage area is, the more the wine is protected.


If the storage area is too dry, the cork may dry out, which reduces the shelf life. Conversely, if the room is too humid, the cork starts to go mouldy and the wine spoils. A humidity of at least 50% is recommended, and 80% for longer storage.


Wine with a natural cork can absorb odours from the surrounding area. Therefore, rooms such as the kitchen or the garage parking space are not suitable for storage.


Constant, fine vibrations can stir up and agitate the contents of the bottle causing the wine to age more quickly. Refrigerators are therefore not recommended for medium to long-term storage.


Lying or standing? Anyone who has ever visited a wine cellar knows that the wines are usually stored horizontally. This means that the cork comes into contact with the contents, which keeps it moist. Rotate the horizontal bottle by a quarter turn every few months to prevent sediment from accumulating. Bottles with plastic corks, however, can be easily stored upright.

Optimal storage location

A cool pantry, a cellar or a rented storage unit is the best choice for storing your favourite wines. They keep all the above factors in check and usually provide the optimal room climate. The luxury option would be a climate-controlled wine cabinet. They are expensive, but they regulate the temperature and humidity very easily and precisely.

Solution with Self-Storage

Just as much space as you need

If you don't have a cellar and don't want to splash out on an expensive climate-controlled wine cabinet, then external storage units are another option. Zebrabox offers individual storage units starting from just 1m2 of rental space. Our storage units are strictly controlled and regularly checked to ensure a constant temperature and stable humidity levels.