Storage space for students and societies

We delve into the academic world of Zurich. Master’s student Laura from Ticino tells us about living as a student in Zurich and the challenges that brings. She explains why self-storage offers so many advantages for students and why ASTAZ decided to rent a storage unit with Zebrabox.

Laura Mazza is a biology student at ETH Zurich university. She is now in her last semester and has just submitted her master's thesis. As if her academic commitments weren't enough, Laura is also a member of a student association called ASTAZ. The name stands for “Associazione Studenti Ticinesi a Zurigo”. It is society that supports students from the canton of Ticino as they begin their academic journey in Zurich. With the non-profit organisation, Laura wants to strengthen the sense of belonging amongst Italian-speaking students. 

Finding a place to live in Zurich

Laura currently lives in shared accommodation in Zurich. It has now been five years since she arrived in Zurich and started her bachelor's degree. Laura has lived in the same flat throughout her time as a student and still likes living there. She counts herself lucky, because this is not normally the case. Lots of her fellow students have already had to move at least once or twice. As Laura’s time as a student comes to an end, she looks back on the changes that have taken place and the independence that she gained during this stage of her life. This independence also meant that she very quickly needed to find somewhere to live by herself.

“However, not always it’s easy to find a flat that has enough space for all the bulky
stuff that we previously used to accumulate in the basement of our parents’ house.”

However, searching for a new flat is not always that easy. First of all, you need to find one and it also has to be affordable - Zurich is not exactly cheap. Secondly, it needs to be big enough for all of the belongings that you have accumulated over the years that are still tucked away in your parents’ basement. Laura thinks it would be much easier to find a flat if you had an external storage unit. The units at Zebrabox provide the perfect space for things that we don't need on a daily basis such as ski equipment and surfboards. 

Self-storage for exchange students

In addition, there are also students that leave their accommodation here in Switzerland to spend a semester or year abroad. Again the question arises: what to do with all the stuff in your apartment? Laura really only sees two options: call on your parents and fill their basement, or use self-storage. The first option isn't very appealing to Laura; having to hire a van and drive a long way is a laborious process. An external storage unit at Zebrabox offers several advantages. You can store your things safely and for as long as you want. It is also flexible because you have the option to cancel on a weekly basis. 

Space for the ASTAZ

What’s more the ASTAZ also has a Zebrabox unit. It organises a variety of events that celebrate and showcase Ticino culture. This naturally requires having lot of stuff. The large volume of documents and event equipment needs to be stored somewhere.

“Flexible, convenient & open minded”

The best option is a central location with easy access for members, such as an external storage unit in Zurich. Laura and ASTAZ were therefore very happy when they came across Zebrabox. Previously the society stored all their items and equipment in a committee member’s basement. It was another member who first discovered Zebrabox Oerlikon, which is located near his home. Right from the start, the communication with Zebrabox was open and purpose-oriented, which soon resulted in a partnership and monthly sponsorship agreement.

For more space & flexibility

Find your storage space

Do you also want more space in your shared room? Zebrabox offers storage rooms from 1m3 with flexible contract conditions. So you can enjoy your student life without ballast!