A clean cut affair: tips for spring cleaning

Spring at last! As the days outside get longer and the temperatures rise, so does the need to finally spruce up your home. With our tips, spring cleaning should be much easier.

Spring at last: The days are getting longer again and the temperatures are rising. Are you itching to finally clean and spruce up your home? We are happy to help! With our tips, spring cleaning is guaranteed to be a success.


Tip no.1: Plan

It's best to plan your spring cleaning in advance. If you just scrub away, you keep discovering new things and forget the other half. One tip would be to choose a room to clean each day.


Tip no. 2: Less is more

When using cleaning agents, the general rule is: Less is more. Too much cleaner will only smear the surfaces instead of making them shine. Excessive use of detergents can even attract dirt. As a rule, a few drops are quite sufficient.

Tip no. 3: Anyone can clean smart

There are a few principles when cleaning: Always clean from back to front and from top to bottom. If you are right-handed, you will be faster if you clean from right to left, if you are left-handed, you will be faster if you clean from left to right. Always dust before vacuuming, otherwise you may have to do it again.


Tip no. 4: Order in the wardrobe too

While you're cleaning, why not clear out your wardrobe too? When putting things away, you can ask yourself whether you really still wear it all or whether you can do without something.

Tip no. 5: Toss it!

What applies to your wardrobe also applies to your home. Do you really still need that one vase from your grandma? Or what about the old DVD player that has been gathering dust on the TV shelf for years? It is never easier to part with things than when you are cleaning. After all, you don't have to clean what you dispose of ;).


Tip no.6: New living experience

If you've already de-cluttered your home, why not create a new living experience while you're at it? Use the opportunity to redesign your home and breathe a breath of fresh air into your own four walls. This makes cleaning even more fun and you can start spring with a fresh feeling.

Do you want a breath of fresh air in your home, but don't know where to start with decluttering? With our checklist, it goes quite smoothly.