Relocating: How to avoid mistakes

A new home can bring you a lot of joy. To ensure that your move goes off without unnecessary stress, we offer you a list of mistakes that can be avoided.

Don't kid yourself: moving can be quite stressful. To keep the anticipation of moving into your new home alive and the stress level as low as possible, you should avoid the following mistakes at all costs.

Everything has to go with you! Or what really needs to come along?

Even if you like to do everything at the last minute, you should avoid this at all costs when moving. One of the biggest mistakes is to just randomly pack everything due to lack of time. Not everything in your home or basement has to come with you to your new home. A move is also the perfect opportunity to finally do a proper clean-out.

Hence our tip: Start planning early and put everything in order. What do I want in my home? What do I want to keep but not have in my home and what can be thrown away or sold? It's best to start sorting and packing the first cupboards and chests of drawers a month before the move to be sure to give yourself enough time. But you can also start earlier with the basement or attic, because you have to do it anyway.

Packing has to be learned

Several mistakes can be made when packing the moving boxes. First of all, you need to make sure that you have the right number of moving boxes. There is a suitable lid for every pot, and this also applies to moving boxes. There are special boxes with inserts for glasses. Coats and dresses can be stored in wardrobe boxes including a rod, and heavy lever-arch files go into smaller boxes that are stable and do not become too heavy. Take a look at our moving shop where you'll find everything a mover needs.

Again: Putting things in their places pays off! You should start with the things you don't need at the moment. In winter, for example, garden tools or camping equipment. Don't overestimate yourself and don't load the boxes too heavily. On the one hand, the boxes can tear and on the other your back will also thank you.

Less work thanks to sorting

What applies to the whole move is that you should always sort. It's best to pack the boxes by content and only put things in each box that go in the same place. Heavy things go at the bottom, light things go on top. Once you have packed all the boxes, you should label them with their contents and destination.

Furniture should also be labelled with the destination so that people know where to put it on moving day. Screws and nuts, or small parts of dismantled furniture in general, are fastened directly to the furniture in a bag or are at least labelled. This is guaranteed to save you time and stress on moving day - and your reinforcements too, by the way.

You are stronger together

Mastering a move alone? Maybe possible, but incredibly time-consuming, stressful and exhausting. That is why you should hire movers. You should pay special attention to make sure that the movers are careful and reliable.

It is also better to ask too many people than too few. There are always movers who drop out at short notice. During the move, be sure to keep your movers happy. We have already explained how to do this in a blog post.

Planning pays off

Whether it's planning the move, packing the moving boxes or sorting your belongings, the following applies to all things: good things take time.

With our tips, you should now be ready for your move. Of course, things can still go wrong now, but the most important thing in the end is: Always keep a cool head and look forward to your new home. If you would like to find out more, we recommend you read our Moving checklists.

Useful checklists

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