Moving house with no stress - look no further!

April marks not only the arrival of Spring, but  also the traditional start of the house-moving season. Fortunately it’s not every day that we move house for it often involves a lot of stress. We want to help make your move as trouble-free as possible.

April marks not only the arrival of Spring, but also the traditional start of the house-moving season. Unlike Spring which comes round every year, moving house is an irregular occurrence and can be the prelude to sleepless nights. Will I need any help? What should I take with me? Where can I find a suitable vehicle? There is so much to sort out. We want to help make your move a little bit more relaxed so that you can sleep soundly.

Say goodbye to the past!

You should declutter your premises before you start with any packing. Ask yourself what you really need to keep. It can be useful to draw up a plan of your new premises, making note of where you would like to put your belongings. When clearing clutter, start with the smaller bits and pieces and work your way forward to the larger items. For example, deal with the chest of drawers first and the bedroom wardrobe or the kitchen cabinet last.

If you’ve reluctantly managed to say goodbye to a few things, then please dispose of them in an appropriate manner. Any rubbish that is too big for the bin, should either be collected as a bulky item or taken to your recycling centre. Electrical devices can either be handed in to a specialist retailer or taken to an official disposal depot. If you are in any doubt please ask your local authority for advice or check on Swico.

Check when the last collection is due for your paper items and old clothing before you fix a date to move. If your belongings are just too nice to get rid of them, you'll find the perfect solution at Zebrabox: private storage. We have many years of experience and can advice you wisely (0848 932 722).

Allow us to help you

Choose a removal company in good time and give some thought to which one. It’s best if you gather in a few quotes and then weigh them up. Just remember: buyer beware! Don’t be misled by cheap offers, think twice before accepting them. Companies often quote a low price and then put  additional expenses on top.

Packing is a skill that takes practice just like any other


  • Don’t dismiss it out of hand: Don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes to pack. Each room normally takes between half a day and a full day to clear. It’s best to get together with your helpers and draw up a room plan.
  • Boxes rather than bags: Organise a sufficient number of crates. Boxes are easier to stack and carry than bags. Make sure that the weight is distributed evenly in the boxes. We assume that you would like to be able to carry the crates ;) you can find boxed crates for all sorts of items here.
  • Label everything: Make sure that you label your boxes without fail. The labels should not only list the contents but also where you they will go in your new premises. It will be much quicker to furnish your new premises if your crates are labelled correctly. Insider’s tip: Write on two sides of the crates, that way you won’t have to turn the crates round.
  • If required: Do the packing as you see fit. Start below stairs (or in the attic), because that is where there are things that you can do without the longest. After that pack books, CDs, vases and pictures. Pack up the kitchen last, because you will probably need plates, glasses and cutlery right up to the removal day.
  • Beware of paperwork: You should settle any bills or invoices before you clear up your study or office space. Otherwise your house move could prove even more expensive.

We hope you will find these tips useful.  If you require any further details then we highly recommend you take a look at our removals check-list. We wish you a stress-free move and hope you enjoy your new home. Should you find your new place isn’t quite big enough for your belongings, then we can look after your things for you.