Mini-Interview with Christian Schmutz, CEO Zebrabox

In this short interview, Christian Schmutz, the CEO of Zebrabox, gives an interesting insight into his daily work, talks about the further development of Zebrabox and reveals what he does on his well-deserved day off.

Mr. Schmutz, please describe your role and a typical working day at Zebrabox.

As CEO, I don't really have any typical working days. Most of my time is taken up with business development, strategy planning, finance, real estate and renovations, although plenty of operational tasks crop up too. And, of course, I travel a lot.


What do you do when you get home after a long day at work?

If it's not too late, I play with our young daughter. Then I eat in peace with my wife, and we chat about our day. Later, we both do some work or relax in front of a good TV series.

As a private or business customer, why should I store my items with Zebrabox?

Zebrabox provides a high level of comfort, security and worry-free storage for our private customers. Additional services for business customers, such as receipt of goods and their transportation into the storage rooms, make Zebrabox a highly efficient partner for small and large businesses alike.

What if Zebrabox receives an enquiry from a company looking for small storage facilities all over Switzerland? Could you help?

In actual fact, we’ve already received such enquiries and each time we have been able to provide an ideal country-wide solution offering small storage facilities. Our growing network, which currently has 12 branches as well as additional self-storage partner sites, lets us offer customised storage solutions covering all – or if preferred only parts – of Switzerland.


Currently, Zebrabox is mostly present in Switzerland's larger towns and cities. In future, will there be additional sites in other regions?

As our customers' requirements change, we are likely to expand our presence in less populated areas, while at the same time adapting our service to these regions' specific needs.