Living of the future: self-storage as the key to utilising space effectively

The changing world: our way of life, technology and science are developing rapidly. But what awaits us in the fascinating future of living? Immerse yourself in the exciting megatrends that are revolutionising our homes and discover why self-storage plays a crucial role in this.

Silver society, individualisation and a genuine connection

The living environment of the future will be influenced by three key megatrends: the silver society, individualisation and the desire for a connection. The ageing society, known as the “silver society”, will shape our ideas of living concepts. Flats and houses must be adapted to the needs of older people to enable them to live independently in old age. 

At the same time, there will be more single people who are looking for individual housing solutions but still want to socialise with others. The desire for a genuine connection, real encounters in physical spaces, is becoming the antithesis of digital isolation through social media.


From innovative living concepts, smart homes and green living

The future of living is characterised by concepts that adapt flexibly to our changing lifestyles. In addition to the merging of living and working in the same place, co-working spaces are becoming increasingly important. Micro-apartments and mini-houses offer affordable housing alternatives, while smart homes focus on automation and energy efficiency. 

Age-appropriate housing is gaining in importance with properties for older people and Ambient Assisted Living concepts. These concepts integrate technological solutions into the living environment to enable older people to live independently and with support.

Living with nature is another trend and central to green living. The aim is to promote biodiversity and escape from the hectic pace of everyday life with natural cycles. These developments demonstrate adaptability and a willingness to innovate in a diverse world.

Self-storage as a space revolution for private individuals and companies

In the midst of these changes, self-storage is becoming a key component in the efficient utilisation of space. The increasing demand for flexible and customised living solutions means that additional space is needed. This is where self-storage facilities come into play, offering an ideal place to store seasonal items, memorabilia or office supplies in modern storage units at any time.

This flexible and needs-based use of self-storage helps to optimise how the limited space in flats and houses is used. Efficient and flexible warehouses are also becoming increasingly important for companies. Here, too, self-storage is the perfect partner to have by your side. Rent your individual storage unit here now!

Advantages of self-storage

Space optimisation: Self-storage makes it possible to utilise living space effectively without having to do without personal belongings. The perfect place to store your favourite things!

Flexibility: In a world characterised by rapid change, self-storage offers the flexibility to adapt to different life situations.

Security: Modern self-storage providers such as Zebrabox offer both private customers and companies secure and monitored storage units for personal belongings and furniture.

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