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As Switzerland’s number one self-storage provider – and one of the best in Europe – we offer robot-assisted customer support. Find out, in this article, what’s in store for you, and above all why there's still such a big human element involved.

With the opening of our Villeneuve branch, we are taking on a technologically pioneering role at Zebrabox. As Switzerland’s number one self-storage provider – and one of the best in Europe – we offer robot-assisted customer support.

The robot is a Keylo from the company Wyca, which was partly developed by self-storage operators. As a result, Keylo has been designed to meet the needs of self-storage providers. Don’t worry, before giving you the low-down on the technical details, here’s the important part: the part where we tell you what this innovation really has to offer.


All the usual excellent service – repackaged

There’s a whole lot that Keylo can do! He'll welcome you as soon as you step your foot inside Zebrabox’s Villeneuve branch. You can then choose what you’d like to do on the 24-inch touch Screen. Do you want to rent a storage unit or visit it first? Keylo will be able to help you do this. Just select the right button and off you go! Don’t worry, all the usual usual excellent personal advice is also still available. You'll be instantly connected, via  video call, to one of our Zebrabox employees who will advise you accordingly. Advice is also available on video for you to watch with Keylo’s help.

Storage units will be proposed based on an analysis of your requirements. You can view them instantly, and Keylo will show you how to get there. If we manage to convince you, you can enter into an agreement by showing your identity card. All documents will be sent to you by email.

Not sure where to find your storage unit? No problem, just let our robot show you. Thanks to its sensors, it can move completely independently throughout the whole facility and act as a guide.

Would you like to make changes to your contract, make a cancellation or rent out an additional storage room? Keylo can help you do this too. Simply select the right option and connect up to one of our employees or leave a video message. If you notice any defects or any other problems, either enter a message directly on the screen or send us a video message.

At Zebrabox, we are continuing to work towards the future, and like to stay innovative, always endeavouring to maximise the benefits for our customers. So there's plenty of reason to get excited about what you’ll hear from us in the future.

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