How to moving house with kids

Thanks to our moving house checklist you can survive relocating with your nerves still intact. However, moving with kids adds an extra dimension. They're worried about missing their friends and generally not very enthusiastic about moving. But with a few simple tips, your children can even become excited about the move.

Spring is not just a time for cleaning but is also a popular time of year for moving house. Thanks to our moving house checklist you can survive relocating with your nerves still intact. But you’ve still got the kids to think about. They're worried about missing their friends and generally not very enthusiastic about moving. However, with a few key tips your children can also look forward to moving into their new home and save you a lot of stress.

Before relocating

One of the most important things to remember is to include your kids. Explain to them the reasons for the move. Listen to them and make sure they feel that they are a key part of the plan. If your children are worried about missing their friends, don't just dismiss them but show that you're empathetic and allow room for their feelings. What not to say: “That’s just how it is, you’ll settle in fine”. Instead, try saying: “I understand that it makes you feel sad and that you would prefer to stay here.” Also, try to make your new area part of everyday conversations weeks before relocating. You could start by addressing your family house move through bedtime stories using children's books about moving house. However, you should also scout out the new area with your children before moving day and give them a sense of adventure. The aim is to try and get them excited about the move. Talk about the good things about your new home and make it clear that you still love your children very much.

Get packing right

It is best to start by working with your kids to pack the toys that they definitely want to take with them. This box can then be put in the removal van last and will be the first one out. This means that your children’s favourite things will be there straight away to help alleviate any possible feelings of sadness. When packing, you can also pretend to be the site manager and allocate tasks to your little helpers. Your young architects can playfully plan out their new home and draw where all the furniture is going to go. Before moving day, make sure you have also checked all the potential sources of danger such as bannisters and sockets. Safety first!

Moving day

As we know, our little troublemakers have a surprising amount of energy. If this is directed the wrong way, then moving day can quickly become very stressful. So, why not put all this energy to good use? Let your kids help out. They could carry small boxes or take their toys to their new room. Give them small tasks to do and suddenly they will be fully behind your relocation project. Including kids makes them feel part of what’s going on. However, if your children are still too young it might be best to put them in childcare for two to three days or ask grandparents to help out. If that’s what you choose to do, then let them come over once a day so that they can still see all the goings-on for themselves. Even with older children, asking grandparents to help out during the move can be a big help. They can look after your youngster and take them on a tour of the new hallways and rooms. Kids fed up of moving boxes? Set up a quiet corner with a mattress where they can relax and play with their box of toys. When designing your children’s rooms, don't redesign everything straight away. Place their old furniture and furnishings in the room. It will give them the familiar feeling of being at home. You can always change things at a later date.

Returning to normality

After lots of changes, it is important to return to normality as quickly as possible. Continue with your usual routines such as bedtime stories just as you did before you moved. It’s great if one parent can take time off to help their little ones make friends as quickly as possible in the new area. You could also ask the teacher at the new pre-school or primary school to sit your child next to a particularly friendly classmate. And don't forget to throw a moving party! Or even better, two. One farewell party for old friends and one in your new home. Then your little ones can invite their old and new friends to help them adjust to the change.

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