DIY Easter decorations

Easter comes around every Spring. It is a festival where families get together, have a good time and eat a lot. We’ll show you how you can get your home ready for the occasion.

Easter comes knocking on the door every year around Spring, when the last snow has melted and there are buds appearing everywhere. It is a festival where families get together, have a good time and eat a lot. Your house should look nice and that's why it's time for decoration. We will show you how to give your house a new flair of life for Easter!

Family affairs

As we have said already, Easter is a special occasion where families get together. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to combine it with Easter decorations. Even the smallest member of the family may be able to help with the handicraft. Getting ready for the festival is an activity in which age doesn't matter. Children will learn that Easter isn’t just about food and egg-hunts, but that a lot of work is involved too.


More for other things

You can’t avoid shopping during this time. Easter decorations are on offer in nearly every shop window. These can dig deep holes in your pockets if you’re not careful. So why spend precious money on buying decorations when you can simply make your own ones instead? That’s a good way of saving and having fun!


Easter eggs

Instead of buying ready-painted Easter eggs you can quite simply paint them yourself. Nearly every family has some dyestuff at home. Children can let their imagination run wild and paint their very own individual Easter eggs. Don’t worry if you don’t have any dyestuff on hand. This is where Mother Nature can be helpful as there are so many splendid colours in the natural world. For instance red cabbage dyes blue, camomile yellow and spinach green. Choose your favorite coloring and put it into hot water with the eggs. Once the eggs have a suitable colour, simply rub on some cooking oil to make them shine.

Easter at the table

Once the eggs have been painted and found, they’re just awaiting to be eaten. It doesn’t take much time to dress the eggs. You can have fun decorating the egg cups with blades of grass or lilies of the valley. This can be done by simply putting the grass or lilies between the egg and the egg cup.

It is quite easy to adorn the table with an Easter garland. First fold a large piece of paper and then paint an Easter scene on the front. Finally, all you need to do is to cut it out. Don’t forget: The scene should not finish before the edge of the paper, otherwise the garland will not fit together. If you would prefer not to have a garland, then we recommend you use transparent materials such as tulle and lace. These materials give a subtle look, are not too garish. They won't steal protagonism of the rest of the decorations.

All that’s missing now are the name tags for the table. These aren’t a must-have item for Easter but they do give a personal touch to the occasion. There are various ways of creating name tags. However, one way which is especially creative, is to simply use the eggs for this purpose. Just write the names of the guests on the eggs using adhesive letters, and then paint them. Allow the eggs to dry once they have been painted, and then remove the letters. Without even realizing you will have wholly personalised name tags.

Blossom time

As you know Easter occurs during Spring. What we also know is that everything blossoms in Spring, and it’s quite all right for this to appear on the decorations. All the ingredients for a colourful Easter decoration can be found during a walk in the countryside. Daffodils, narcissi or also various flowering twigs can provide your flat with a fresh and natural feel. An assortment of decorations can be hung on the twigs, and the flowers look particularly good in a bouquet on the table. Alternatively you could put them individually in old bottles, and place them one next to the other.

We hope you have found our Easter decorating tips useful. Zebrabox and their staff wish you all a pleasant Easter with your family! We hope you find all the Easter eggs!

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