Declutter your flat in no time!

Declutter your home in seven easy steps. You want to create more space in your home? We’re here to help. These tips from storage professionals are guaranteed to give you more space to enjoy life!

Is your flat overflowing with t-shirts, jumpers or other things that you once bought? Then it is probably time to clean out. We know that parting with your belongings is not always easy, so we have put together a few helpful tips in this article to help you clean out.

1. Set a date

This may seem obvious, but it helps to stop you from putting it off. As the saying goes: never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Find out when your local waste disposal centres are open and then get planning. Don’t forget to write the date on your calendar.

2. Reach your goal step by step

Not much free time? Then clear out your home one step at a time. Set several dates and focus on one room a time. It makes it easier to accomplish and, most importantly, it is a great first step to start cleaning out your home! Cleaning out step by step also helps to improve your motivation. You can see the progress faster, which stops you from becoming frustrated.

3. It’s better together

Get help when cleaning out. Someone who doesn’t own the items will be able to give good advice as to whether you really need those trousers or that jacket or not. Cleaning out is also significantly faster with two people. Another good rule of thumb: items that you haven't used for more than two years and that have no sentimental value can be thrown away with a clear conscience.

4. Items on the floor

First, completely empty your wardrobe and put everything on the floor. Now decide for each piece of clothing if you really want to keep it. If you do, then put it back in the wardrobe. But before you put anything back, don't forget to clean the wardrobe, it will never be easier! Repeat these steps for all of your wardrobes, cupboards, etc.

5. Less is more

We often have two, three or even dozens of similar items. But do we really need two sleeping bags or three grey jackets? There is usually very little benefit in having multiple versions of the same thing and there is a lot of potential to save space.

6. Bits and pieces

With odds and ends such as batteries or pens it is more difficult to decide how many you really need. Our tip: keep these things where they're used the most. You can then work out faster if you really need these things.

7. Get rid of it quickly

As soon as you have finished cleaning out, consider if any of the items have any value. Certain items might make you some money. Ask your friends or attend the next jumble sale, handing something on is always better than throwing something away. However, if something has to be thrown away, then don't forget to dispose of the item in the correct place.

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