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Welcome to the colorful world of flowers! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of MyEasyFlower – a company that not only rents and sells flowers but also weaves true magic into each bouquet.

Behind the scenes with Michel Haratz, the founder of MyEasyFlower. Discover how this enterprise not only revolutionizes the floral industry but also fosters a commitment to responsible resourcing and environmental consciousness.


From visions to actions: on a mission for sustainability in the flower industry

Since January 2019, MyEasyFlower has been transforming the flower trade under the leadership of founder Michel Haratz. The Brazilian-Polish visionary, inspired by overpricing and wilted flowers, founded the company in response to environmentally damaging practices in the industry. Today's team consists of three members, complemented by the expertise of Natalie Pieta as a Floral Designer and Marc Giraudel as a Business Developer and shareholder. 

The alluring feeling of bringing a piece of nature home with a bouquet is often deceptive. Most flowers are sourced from foreign vendors, such as those in Africa or Central America. This results in regular pesticide use, extended transportation routes, and the generation of substantial amounts of packaging materials. Time for a floral revolution, don't you think?

Blossoming into a circular economy

MyEasyFlower offers meticulously crafted artificial flower bouquets available for both rent and purchase. After the return of rented bouquets with a 'Real Touch Effect,' a thorough disinfection and cleaning process ensues to ensure they reach new locations in excellent condition. By avoiding composting and packaging waste and using high-quality plastic, a circular cycle is created.

„We use artificial flowers, and that was a rational decision. The issue isn't in the use of plastic; it's more about how we use high-quality plastic and can utilize it over many years.“

What sets the company apart is not just the innovation of the product and rental offering but also the realisation by the in-house experienced florist, who uniquely designs the flower bouquets. 

„There was even an incident where a customer accidentally poured water into the vase. What a compliment to our product – where even the water is artificial!“

The most floral Zebrabox

In a growing small business, flexibility and low fixed costs are crucial, precisely what Michel finds at Zebrabox. This is where the flower bouquets in Bern and Lausanne are stored. The storage conditions protect the materials, and the products are insured. The team can efficiently and strategically deliver the bouquets, with transportation routes to the end customer intentionally minimized.

The expansion into German-speaking Switzerland is already in planning, and Zebrabox is growing with MyEasyFlower - we look forward to the further shared journey!
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