Behind the Box – Meet Gere

Behind the Box for the fifth time: today Gere introduces himself. The customer manger from Zurich explains why he absolutely wanted to stay with Zebrabox after his apprenticeship and which collectibles he stores in his own Zebrabox.

Who are the people behind Zebrabox? Today we talked to Gere and asked him a few questions about his work at Zebrabox. He has been working at Zebrabox since the summer of 2013. Initially as a business apprentice, he now works as a customer manager in Zurich, Schlieren and Spreitenbach. 


Hello Gere, although you’re still very young, you are considered a very experienced employee, how come?

(laughs) Yes, that's right. I am often asked for help by colleagues because of my experience. I think I can say that I know a lot about Zebrabox. After all, I have been with Zebrabox since the beginning of my apprenticeship in summer 2013 and have learned and experienced a lot in these 5 years. If a door isn’t shutting properly or customers have questions about our system, I can help and probably know all the quirks and hidden corners (laughs). 


That's a long time, have you never been tempted to change jobs?

Honestly, no. After successfully completing my apprenticeship, I really wanted to stay. Besides the really good working atmosphere, I also didn't want to lose the customers. I have known many of them for a long time now and they have accompanied me through my training. Over time, some customers have become good friends with whom I also do things outside of work. I would definitely miss this connection at another place of work and it probably only exists here.

Also, you never know what to expect each day, customers come to us with different requirements and from different backgrounds. From professional athletes to ordinary citizens to survivalists, everyone stores with us and has different needs. But in the end, they all share the same "problem” – they need high-quality storage space.

Everyone has the same "problem", what about you?

Well, I guess I'm one of them because I also rent a Zebrabox. I collect rare trainers (more so a while ago than now) and I now own over 50 pairs, which I simply don't have enough space for at home. Zebrabox's offer is ideal for this. A constant temperature all year round and low humidity are optimal storage conditions for trainers, some of which are over 15 years old. Thanks to the alarm system and video surveillance, I don't have to worry about security either. Since I am both a customer and an employee at the same time, I can really understand customers’ needs and help them find their ideal storage unit. 

Gere, thank you very much for your time. We hope you can help many more customers find their perfect storage unit and show us the latest Zebrabox tips and tricks.