Behind the Box – Meet Dominique

Behind the Box for the fourth time: This week, Dominique gives us an insight into her everyday life as a marketing manager at Zebrabox. She explains to us in this post why she almost landed in South Africa and the "Project Zebrabox" was love at second sight.

Who are the people who work at Zebrabox? Today we met Dominique and asked her a few questions about her work at Zebrabox. She has been working at Zebrabox since May 2013. Initially working as a customer manager, she is now a marketing manager for all Zebrabox locations.


We heard that you came to Zebrabox via detours and have had an exciting career. You’ll have to tell us about it:

(laughs) Yeah, my story with Zebrabox is certainly not commonplace. I had entirely different plans. But, as so often in life, things work out quite differently than you think.

After my advanced marketing training, I quit my job at Kuoni and wanted to go to South Africa for half a year to visit my parents. I went in search of an internship, but it did not work out like I had imagined. I decided to throw the plan overboard and contact a job placement office.

Unexpectedly, an offer then came from Zebrabox. Admittedly, I was not fired up for the job beforehand. But during the job interview, I realised that behind this non-descript employer in this still relatively unknown industry is much more than I thought. Especially because I was promised a subsequent change to marketing. You could say the "Zebrabox Project" was love at second sight.

You mentioned the "Project Zebrabox". What convinced you exactly?

I especially liked the completely different company structure compared to my previous employer. Zebrabox is a small dynamic company that is growing, with a flat hierarchy and fast service routes. I really like being able to actively participate in this process of development.

I also think the working atmosphere is really great here. This gives the whole thing a personal touch and makes working even more fun.


How would you describe Zebrabox's marketing strategy?

A colourful mix. Not that we don't have a strategy (laughs). We want a good mix between online and offline activities. In recent years, we focused mainly on search engine marketing and the continued development of our website. Although we have made noticeable progress, a website is never done. However, traditional poster campaigns, local sponsorships and other measures are also important and anchor the Zebrabox brand and its offering among people.

What are the biggest challenges for you?

One challenge is certainly the multilingualism and the different cultures in the different regions. You have to address the customers a little differently in each region. On the one hand, it is more difficult and associated with more effort, but it is also an incredibly exciting task.

The storage unit product is also a challenge. Storage units must be marketed completely differently than, for example, a drink. Everyone is a potential Zebrabox customer, the hard thing is to make the customer aware of us at the right time.

Which project are you particularly proud of?

The last relaunch of our website. This was my first big project, which I accompanied from A to Z as a project manager at Zebrabox. The website has been completely redesigned not only visually, but also many new features have been integrated such as the interfaces to CRM, automatic lead registration and daily updated online prices. Our website is not yet where we want it, but this step was very important for us and we are headed in the right direction.

We thank Dominique for her time and the exciting insight into Zebrabox’s marketing world.