Behind the Box – Meet Cyril

Cyril is a customer manager in Zurich and gives us an insight into his work, telling us why self-storage is anything but an emotionless business.

Who are the people who work at Zebrabox? Today we met Cyril and asked him a few questions about his work at Zebrabox. He has been working as a customer manager at the Oerlikon, Schlieren and Spreitenbach locations since 2016.


How do you describe your work at Zebrabox? What are your tasks?

To a large extent, the task is for me or our team to process new customer enquiries and to accompany potential customers through the process to storage. We make sure that we help the customer and check whether the size selected really fits. Since most customers are renting a storage unit for the first time, a lot of clarification is often needed. That's why we also offer visiting tours so customers can make an impression on their own and see how it all works.

This is followed by administrative work, such as debtor processing or goods receipt for business customers. In addition, I look after the location in Spreitenbach, including the local hobby rooms. The work is very versatile and I am always surprised by the new situations that we come into contact with on a daily basis.


Storage units are a priori rather unsexy and not much more than a "modern" storage space. What do you think about that?

Yes, in the actual sense that's true, although I would not call our storage units a mere storage space (laughs). In fact, self-storage is associated with many emotions. There are thousands of stories in the storage units.

Our clients are often undergoing a big change in their lives. Whether positive or negative, emotions are always there. It is not uncommon for someone to suddenly burst into tears, for example, because they have lost their home or have separated from their partner. Even emigrants or globetrotters come to us. Of course you always feel the joy.


While we're on the topic of joy: What was your best experience with a customer?

There are many moments when you feel gratitude. Often we are the helpers when people are in need and that is what we are told time and time again. One customer was so grateful for the good advice that she gave me chocolate and champagne. This warmth and gratitude was really touching.


Who actually are your customers?

(thinks) You cannot make a blanket statement about them. A large portion of customers are moving and cannot get into the new flat yet. But we also have people who are going abroad, don’t have enough room at home, are renovating their home or have inherited items. There are also people who are in a poor life situation due to unemployment or illness. It may sound hard, but someone who is in jail also has clothes, furniture and documents that need to be securely stored.

We thank Cyril for his time and the exciting insight into his working world.