Behind the Box – Meet Abedin

Round 5 of Behind the Box: Abedin tells us why his relationship with Zebrabox is a family story and what he values about his job as project manager.

Who are the people behind Zebrabox? We sat down with Abedin and learned a lot about his unique career at Zebrabox. Starting as an apprentice, he now works as a customer manager and project manager in Lausanne.

Hello Abedin, tell us how you came to Zebrabox. We have heard that your story is unique?

Yes, it probably is. You could call my relationship with Zebrabox a family story. My father runs a removal company that has partnered with Zebrabox for many years. That's how I got to know about the Zebrabox company at a young age.

Later, when I was looking for a training position, I contacted Zebrabox and was offered an apprenticeship, which I then accepted. I found it particularly exciting to be a pioneer in the self-storage industry. I was one of the first Swiss apprentices at a self-storage company!


That really is unique. What has changed over the years and how have you developed?

There have definitely been some changes! (laughs). After completing my apprenticeship and military service, Zebrabox offered me a job as a customer manager in Zurich. Thanks to my work on site and German lessons paid for by Zebrabox, I was able to improve my German a lot. During my stay in Zurich, I was also allowed to manage a renovation project, which I really enjoyed. Now I’m back in Lausanne and working as a customer manager and project manager.

We have never had a Zebrabox employee who is a customer manager and project manager in "Behind the Box". What is your everyday work like?

Varied is probably the best way to describe it. From a project perspective, I am responsible for opening our new branches. From the initial design phase (visiting potential locations, drawing up plans, etc.) to the final construction and implementation phase, I oversee all the steps up to the opening. I particularly enjoy drawing up the site plans. Watching storage units develop from miniature ideas on paper to suddenly becoming real and filling huge spaces is a great feeling!

Variety is probably the main feature of my job as a customer manager, too. I care passionately about the needs of our customers. I accompany them from A to Z – from advice and sales to support with storage. I think it’s important that we work together and listen to our customers. Their concerns, wishes or criticisms are valuable inputs that help us to improve and take an even more customer-oriented approach. It enables me to directly incorporate customers’ suggestions and wishes into new projects. My two roles are very different but they complement each other perfectly.

Which project are you particularly proud of?

Probably the branch in Villeneuve. That branch was my first project and will therefore always be my baby (laughs). What is particularly special about Villeneuve is that it is the first Zebrabox branch to use the latest technology and innovations. In addition to entering the facility and opening storage units via an app, our robot is an absolute highlight. Described by one customer as the "R2-D2 Zebrabox version", it makes personal consultation possible without us being physically on site. Customers can be guided to their storage unit or even sign a contract. 

We would like to thank Abedin for the exciting insights into his daily work at Zebrabox and wish him every success.