10 storage tips: make efficient use of your storage unit

In many cases, a storage room offers more space than expected. For this reason, our employees have the task of recommending you the right storage space according to your size requirements. With these 10 tips you will get the most out of your storage space.

Need more space? Considering renting a Zebrabox or already booked a storage unit? Then read on! You won't regret it. Storage units often offer more space than you first expect. That is why our employees are available to advise you on the right size storage unit for your needs. Use these 10 tips to help arrange your belongings efficiently in your chosen storage unit.


1. Disassemble

It goes without saying that a disassembled wardrobe takes up less space than a fully assembled one. So disassemble as much furniture as possible. This will also make it easier to transport and save you lots of space in your storage unit.

If an item can't be completely disassembled, it's often still possible to remove parts of it (such as shelves or drawers). This creates valuable storage space for smaller objects which might otherwise get damaged or lost.


2. Keep things together

Apples with apples, pears with pears. If you decide to remove the legs from your table or bed frame, it is important to store all the parts together where possible. For example, tie all the table legs together and attach a little bag containing the screws to the underside of the table.

3. Small items in a box with a label

Even small, unusually shaped items should be stored in a systematic way. It’s a good idea to store small items in boxes and stick a label on the box with a list of the contents. This will make it quicker and easier to find your stuff when you’re looking for it later.


4. Pack and protect

Delicate, old, valuable, and even plain old “normal” furniture needs protecting. Packaging materials such as blankets or bubble wrap are ideal.

Rugs take up considerably less space when rolled rather than folded. Roll up your rug and store it in a special plastic cover. It is best to store your rolled-up rug upright. To give it more support, you could place a long, solid object in the middle of the rug when rolling it up (e.g. a curtain rod).

But avoid rolling up your mattress – it won't thank you! Wrap it in a mattress cover and store it upright against the wall of your storage unit. Place the slatted bed frame in front to prevent the mattress from falling over or bending in half.

5. Short at the front, long at the back

What have mullets got to do with storage? This hairstyle reminds us of a great storage tip!

Big items such as sofas, wardrobes that can't be dismantled and other tall furniture should ideally be put in the storage unit first so that it can be stored at the back. This makes it easier to assess how much space you have left. It’s also easier to move long objects into position at the start while there is still lots of space to move.

The same applies to heavy objects. These are also best stored first and at the very back of the storage unit. Storing big, bulky furniture first means that it can be placed on the ground and doesn’t need to be stacked on top of other things that you have already moved in. Logically, it makes sense to stack light items on heavy items and not the other way round.

The same applies to stacking removal boxes: store heavy boxes containing books or crockery on the floor, stack lighter boxes on top and the very lightest boxes at the top.


6. Stack high

Now you can show off your Tetris skills. It's time to build skyscrapers! After all, you pay for the space right to the top of the storage unit.

Cube-shaped parts of disassembled furniture or whole pieces of furniture and removal boxes are easy to stack by playing 'furniture Tetris'. However, bulky items such as bags or items which have not been properly packed can be difficult or even impossible to stack.

Does your sofa have a head for heights? The sofa is usually the item which doesn't tend to have items stacked on top of it, so it makes sense to make the most of the height of the storage unit when storing your sofa. Storage units - Zebrabox storage units at any rate - are usually 2.65 to 3 metres high, so higher than most settees. Depending on the shape of your sofa, it's usually best to stand it on one end. Simply prop it up on an armrest. It's a good idea to cover the sofa first with bubble wrap or a protective sheet.


7. Regular use of stored items

Store important and regularly used items at the front. If you know that you will want to regularly get certain items out of your storage unit, store them at the front. This will avoid tedious searching and moving items around in the future. Store all of the items that you need regularly as centrally as possible and label the box.


8. Keep a corridor clear

Following on from the previous point, it’s worth keeping a narrow corridor free in the centre of the storage unit to allow you to get items out again more easily. If you don't need access to your items while they're in storage then you can simply store items from the back to the front.

9. Don't overfill your storage unit

Take care not to overfill your storage unit: leave enough space behind the door. Imagine opening the door to your storage unit... it should be possible without your favourite furniture coming crashing down.


10. Upgrade

If you find that your storage unit is too big - or even too small - after moving your stuff in, then we are of course happy to offer you the option of switching to a different Zebrabox.

Not using self storage yet?

Do you also need a storage room to store items you don't need at the moment? At Zebrabox you can find storage space from 1 to 50m2 with flexible contract conditions for short or long term.