Happy relationship despite clutter?

You finally move in with the person of your dreams and it’s only then that you realise... we have a different idea of tidy! No matter which of you leaves socks lying around or would rather put off cleaning the kitchen until tomorrow, here are a few tips for keeping the peace in your relationship!

Key qualities: tidiness ranks high

Hygiene and tidiness are very important when choosing a partner. In a study by eDarling, two thirds of women said that they look for recognisable signs as early as the first date. Is their prospective partner clean and neatly dressed, are their hands, hair and skin well cared for? What starts with the first date continues when couples move in together because 2/5 of couples regularly argue about tidiness at home if there are too many things lying around. This is not without reason because our understanding of tidiness begins in early childhood. We’ve all frequently heard phrases such as: "Not until you clean your room...". Situations can get tense, especially when we live with our partners and have opposing ideas. Thoughts soon arise like: can this relationship carry on like this for much longer? But with the right compromises, your home can become more relaxed and cosier once again.

Strategies for a happy relationship

To make living together as relaxed as possible and so that you can really enjoy your time together, there is one main motto: patience! Not every action needs a reaction. When it comes to tidiness in particular, compromises need to be found so that the relationship can be taken to the next level and living together can work:

  • The first rule is to accept the other person. It’s no use trying to impose your opinion on your partner. There is no right or wrong and your partner cannot be changed.
  • However, just accepting your partner is not enough. To make everything more relaxed, both parties need to make an effort. The cleaning fanatic of you needs to have patience and know that the other person doesn't leave their socks lying around on purpose. The cleaning slacker, on the other hand, needs to tidy up the things they use sooner or later.
  • Acceptance and effort. What if that is not enough? Then you will both need to put some rules in place to help. Set up a cleaning schedule that both of you can follow. Remember to make it clear which rooms these rules apply to. Does the cleaning slacker have their own area? This way the cleaning fanatic can relax because it’s not their job to tidy up this room.

Peaceful coexistence thanks to self-storage

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More room to breathe!

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