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Climate control is key to storage

Perfect storage conditions at Zebrabox

Whether for personal or business reasons, everything always has to be stored somewhere. Do you know the optimal humidity for storing clothes or paintings? We provide you with the exact figures and show you how to keep your piano free from damage even after years in storage.

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Pimp my bike - give your bike a new lease of life!

Pimp my bike

The cold months are drawing to a close, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. The sun is up for longer and spring is nearly here. It will soon be time to get your bike back out of the garage. But before stepping on the pedals and feeling the wind in your hair, you need to get your old bike back into shape. Our blog provides you with useful tips on how to clean your bike.

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Your kid moved out: what do you do with your newly gained space?

Get your own home cinema with these tips

The time comes eventually: your children grow up and you have to let them fly. But children moving out of the home can also be an opportunity for the home! (In addition to more peace and quiet) you finally get more space for other things. But what are these other things? We will show you some possible uses.

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Moving in together: 6 tips for less stress

Simply move in together

Do you finally want to move into a flat together, but are afraid of too much of a stress on your relationship? In our article, we give you six tips for how you can avoid possible sources of stress and make moving fun.

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Behind the Box – Dominique introduces herself

Dominique Schaffner, Marketing Managerin Zebrabox

Behind the Box for the fourth time: This week, Dominique gives us an insight into her everyday life as a marketing manager at Zebrabox.

She explains to us in this post why she almost landed in South Africa and the "Project Zebrabox" was love at second sight.


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Clean out your home in a flash - the ultimate checklist!

Declutter your home in a flash

Declutter your home in seven easy steps. You want to create more space in your home? We’re here to help. These tips from storage professionals are guaranteed to give you more space to enjoy life!

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