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Upcycling - transform old into new

DIY garden lounge

In today’s throwaway society, finding ways to reduce our consumption of new materials is increasingly popular. With upcycling you can revive old or discarded items yourself and turn them into treasure. From indoor and outdoor furniture to fashion and even home decor, the possibilities are endless. Get DIY ideas and instructions here.

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Carefree trip around the world - how to get your life adventure started!

Around the world

Have you always dreamed of travelling the world and want to leave everyday life behind you? We can help! Our article gives you top tips for planning your trip as well as three possible travel routes so that you can set off carefree and turn your dream into reality. 

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Self-storage in retirement

Stress free at old age

Retirement could be seen as a sign of advanced age. However, many prospective retirees look forward to having more free time. This new stage of your life is an opportunity to do something new. Read on to see how self-storage plays an important role in this new way of life.

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Climate control is key to storage

Perfect storage conditions at Zebrabox

Whether for personal or business reasons, everything always has to be stored somewhere. Do you know the optimal humidity for storing clothes or paintings? We provide you with the exact figures and show you how to keep your piano free from damage even after years in storage.

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Pimp my bike - give your bike a new lease of life!

Pimp my bike

The cold months are drawing to a close, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. The sun is up for longer and spring is nearly here. It will soon be time to get your bike back out of the garage. But before stepping on the pedals and feeling the wind in your hair, you need to get your old bike back into shape. Our blog provides you with useful tips on how to clean your bike.

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