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Small space living – tiny house, big storage

Our household belongings continue to grow long after we stop growing. How many things have you accumulated in your house over the years? And, more importantly, how many of those things do you actually need? This question is often the motivation behind adopting a minimalist lifestyle and the reason why many opt for tiny house living. Find out more about this and how self storage can help in this blog.


The aim of minimalism is to live with as few belongings possible, i.e. the “minimum”. However, it's not just travellers and solitary forest dwellers that are minimalists. While some minimalists choose to live with only 20 items, others take a slightly different approach to this philosophy. One type of minimalist lifestyle is the “Tiny House” movement.

Tiny Houses in Switzerland

The Swiss Tiny House Association is there to help people along the way. After all, finding somewhere to base your tiny house is just one of the difficulties you may face. And living in a small space certainly takes some getting used to.

However, the idea of living in a tiny house is becoming increasingly attractive to more and more people and many are turning the idea into reality. One reason behind wanting to live in a mini house is the desire to be free from the burden of material possessions. Others may be drawn to this way of living in order to save resources (heating, electricity and costs) or escape materialism.

Tiny Houses in Switzerland

Tiny house but with possessions

Whatever the reason behind moving into a tiny house, people rarely get rid of all their personal belongings. Hardly anyone wants to part with personal, meaningful mementos such as photos, childhood drawings or your first love letters. The same goes for documents that you must not or should not throw away. There are also a few other items which are not worth getting rid of, e.g. seasonal things.

Seasonal items

For seasonal belongings, there are a variety of rental and sharing options available. For example, many people don't want to part with their favourite pair of skis that they have got used to over the years and are the perfect length for their body type. Holding on to your skis will also save you from the yearly cost of renting new skis if you suddenly decide you want to head into the mountains. 

This also applies to outdoor kit such as camping and fishing equipment, surfboards, mountain bikes, road bikes and rollerblades. Other items which fall into this category include clothing. Is your wardrobe currently full of winter jackets, scarves, hats and gloves, for example? And you might not need them often, but you will sometimes need one or two suits and smart shoes to attend a job interview or family wedding.

For these and other reasons, people who live in micro houses often look for space to store items that they don't need out of season. This means they only have what they really need in their home.

Self Storage

From a minimalist viewpoint, it doesn't make sense to have a big living space for things that you only use a couple of months a year. Self storage solves this problem. An external storage unit allows you to safely store your seasonal items as well as documents, family photo albums and childhood memories and still have access them as and when you need.

Zebrabox offers individual storage units ranging in size from 1 to 50 m2. Our storage units are climate controlled and have 24-hour video surveillance. Renting a Zebrabox gives you peace of mind that the objects around you are the things that you truly need – perfect for people living in tiny houses.


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