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Self-storage in retirement

Retirement could be seen as a sign of advanced age. However, many prospective retirees look forward to having more free time. This new stage of your life is an opportunity to do something new: discover new hobbies such as writing or painting, spend more time with loved ones and family or travel the world visiting new places and learning about exotic cultures. This new way of life usually also means changes to your home. Read on to see how self-storage plays an important role.

Around the world

All the work commitments are gone and you now have abundant free time. So why not to travel the world and discover foreign countries and cultures? To set your sights on this aim, you obviously also need the financial means. Therefore, ideally it makes sense to reduced your fixed outgoings. You could consider subletting your home or terminating your rental agreement. All of your furniture, clothes and keepsakes have to be stored somewhere. This is where a storage unit can help. Renting a storage unit is clearly much cheaper than renting a flat and at the same time you have continuous access to your belongings which are stored in optimal conditions.

New home, new start?

With your new-found free time, you might also have the opportunity to renovate your home or even look for new, age-based housing. Moving into a smaller apartment, naturally means that you will have less space. But don't worry! You don't need to sell or throw away anything that is valuable to you. Self-storage units offer simple and fully accessible storage for your important items.

Stress free at old age

Moving into a retirement home or nursing home

Constraints such as dementia or other, physical ailments are not unusual with ageing. Moving into a retirement home or nursing home is therefore sometimes a subject of discussion. Firstly, the move itself can require a lot of space if the moving in and moving out dates do not coincide. Secondly, the entire household contents cannot move with you to a retirement or nursing home because you will generally have to make do with less space than before. In both cases, an external storage unit can be a great solution. By using self-storage, you can still keep your things and at the same time save money by not renting your former, larger apartment.

At Zebrabox, we pride ourselves on providing the optimal storage conditions, even for delicate items such as furniture and paintings. Find out more about the correct storage conditions here. You also don't need to worry about security. Every storage unit is secured by an alarm system and the facilities are under video surveillance.

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