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More storage space in your home

Whether in Zurich, Basel or Bern, urban living space is very much in demand. Housing prices also reflect this trend. Not everyone can afford these prices, however, so many people opt for something smaller. A smaller apartment doesn’t necessarily mean less space! You just have to know how to use storage potentials. This guide is meant generally for everyone who‘d like to enjoy more space in their own homes. 

1. More space for living

There are various possibilities to open up more storage space in the living room, without compromising on comfort. Free-standing wall shelves are a simple solution for more storage space. You can bring them right up to the ceiling, or screw them onto the walls at an accessible height. In this way, a lot of additional storage space is created which you can also use as a decorative display feature.

If the sofa is not placed directly next to the wall, you can surround it by a shelf. This can be used as additional display surface and provides a lot of extra storage space. The shelves can also be equipped with castors to provide more flexibility. 

A good sofa also needs a side table. One that also has a drawer or additional storage space would be the best option. Equipped with castors, it can be easily moved around the room as needed.

More space for living

2. Make two out of one

How about creating storage space in the form of a room divider? This is also possible using a shelf of standard height. For instance, you can define your dining and living areas more effectively, while creating additional storage space at the same time. 

A simple classic item of furniture that fits into almost any room: the sideboard. It inconspicuously offers plenty of storage space behind closed doors.

3. Space miracle in the bedroom

Often, there are several hidden, untapped options in the bedroom to create more space. Why not install drawers under the bed? It’s more useful than just gathering dust.  

The space around the bedhead can also be put to good use. A shelf surrounding the bedhead offers plenty of storage space; tastefully decorated with books or pictures, it also provides the necessary feel-good atmosphere. 

Small ideas for lots of space

Do you fancy high living at night as well as during the day? Why not go for a high sleeper bed instead of a normal one? The space created below the bed is perfect for a desk or a cosy sofa. And high sleepers are not just for children!

4. Hallway with many options for storage space

A hallway is often not very wide, and therefore needs special planning. Fitted cupboards are a particularly effective way of increasing the space available in the hallway. Reaching from floor to ceiling, they do not change the floor plan and stay discreetly in the background. 

A storage bench is a clever storage solution. These can be used to store shoes – and you can just sit on them to put your shoes on. 

If there is no space next to the doors, it is advisable to install high shelves. These do not take up any space and do not make the hallway smaller. 

5. General tips for clever storage

The first and probably most important tip is simple: clear out your home regularly! Give up the “hunter-gatherer” mentality. A good rule of thumb is: for every new item purchased, an old one should be disposed of.

Objects that are hardly used should be stowed away in the least accessible places. High wall units or the storage area on top of wardrobes are perfect for this. 

A useful tip for any room: Get new multifunctional furniture. In this way you can create a lot of space, without compromising on functionality. A classic example here would be the futon sofa bed.

The space below windows can also be used effectively. A bench with integrated drawers, for example, serves as additional seating as well as additional storage space.

There’s no such thing as a “useless” corner or sloping roof. It’s worth spending a bit more money and buying made-to-measure built-in cupboards or shelves. In this way you can make the most of every corner and sloping ceiling. 

Make sure your cabinets go right up to the ceiling. Often, standard sized cabinets do not reach the ceiling, thus wasting potential extra storage space. Paying the extra charge for made-to-measure furniture to your own room height is definitely worthwhile. 

 It’s possible to have an attractive, comfortable home without compromising on storage. We at Zebrabox, the experts for storage solutions, wish you lots of fun with your additional space.

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