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Fashion revolution with self storage

Laughing young woman

The Fashion Revolution movement stands for fair and responsible fashion. We’ll show you how to make your favourite jumper last for years and why your storage unit can be your vintage clothing’s best friend!

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Decluttering your home and your soul

Woman cleans up home

Disorder and chaos affect our mental well-being. The effects of a chaotic environment range from lack of concentration to sleep problems and stress. There are some exceptions. Discover the difference a tidy home can make.

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Ideal humidity in your home

Older man doing yoga in the fresh air

Air that is too humid or too dry affects our well-being. With simple tips and tricks, you can achieve the ideal humidity in your home. Plus, learn how to best store furniture, documents and more.

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Storing car tyres the right way: correct tyre storage

Autoreifen richtig lagern: Pneu-Aufbewahrung

Der Winter hat sich verabschiedet und bei vielen steht der Reifenwechsel an. Du möchtest deine Reifen aber nicht direkt in der Garage abgeben und stattdessen lieber selber lagern? Mit unseren Tipps steht dir dabei nichts mehr im Wege.

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House with a self-contained apartment

Älteres Ehepaar steht vor Eigenheim

For multi-generational living, as a place to retire, as an apartment for employees, as accommodation for guests such as relatives and friends or Airbnb visitors. A house with a self-contained apartment has a wide range of uses as well as big financial advantages.

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Small space living – tiny house, big storage

Living room of a Tiny House

How many things have you accumulated in your house over the years? And, more importantly, how many of those things do you actually need? This question is often the motivation behind adopting a minimalist lifestyle and the reason why many opt for tiny house living. Find out more about this and how self storage can help in this blog.

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