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Behind the Box – Morasha introduces herself

The “Behind the Box” format is going into its third round! This week it’s Morasha’s turn. She is one of our youngsters and is an aspiring business woman in her 2nd year of apprenticeship.

Let’s start at the beginning: Why did you decide to do commercial training at the time and why did you want to complete your training at Zebrabox?

For me, the decision was clear relatively quickly, because I somehow always liked administrative tasks. I also have foreign language skills and wanted to use these. So it was obvious for me that I would look for an apprenticeship in this field. At Zebrabox, I was allowed to do an apprenticeship open day and even then everyone welcomed me warmly as if I were already part of the team, which made me feel good. When I then realised that Zebrabox also had a lot of customer contact, I was convinced and hoped for a positive decision.

Behind the Box – Morasha introduces herself

Then you got the positive decision and soon your training started. How was your first day at work? Can you remember?

Of course! I was very nervous because it was the first day of my training with my future employer for the next three years. At first I was a bit shy and insecure, but I soon felt comfortable and in good hands.

Now you have been at Zebrabox for almost two years. What have you experienced and learned so far and what is your typical day like?

In the course of my training, I have not been solely in one department. I am allowed to try out different areas, which I really like. Initially I was in accounting and administration, where I got some good insights into the company. Everything was explained to me step-by-step so that I was soon able to handle payments, clarifications and other things entirely on my own. After that I moved to the front where I was able to gain a lot of sales experience. Advising customers, carrying out visiting tours, creating contracts, recording cancellations and much more. I’ll be changing again soon, which I’m looking forward to.

What makes your everyday life particularly interesting and what has been the greatest experience so far?

My everyday life is made special by our customers in particular. Customers are often very pleasantly surprised by our service and the simplicity of our offer. This might sound a bit corny, but the gratitude and praise from customers is always mega encouragement.

Which one thing could you not do without during a working day?

(Thinks) I don't have any routines. I would describe myself as a very uncomplicated person. As long as my workplace is tidy, I can work.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I am especially looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and then to being a "full-fledged" employee.

Soon you will have your first final exams. Which subjects are you completing and how are you preparing for it?

In June, I will be completing the subjects English and IKA (Information, Communication and Administration). For English I am not planning too much preparation time, because English is my native language and I'm pretty good at it (smiles). For IKA, on the other hand, I will go through all the previous material and repeat it. I will also take the test series from recent years, which are available on the Internet.

To finish, tell us how you learn best. Do you write index cards, is it enough for you to read through the texts or do you write handwritten summaries?

My approach is always the same: I print out the documents, read through everything and highlight the most important things. After that, I pick up pen and pad and meticulously write summaries. Online is all fine and good, but this technique works best for me to memorise things.

At this point, we wish Morasha good luck with her final exams and are keeping our fingers crossed! :-)

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