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What is self storage?

Self storage, also called self-store centre, mini storage, rental box or rental storage, is a service for storing household items and other goods which originated in the 1960s in North America as 'self storage'. From the early 1980s the concept spread throughout Europe and Switzerland. The term means just that; putting things into storage yourself. In practice, the term has come to mean storing items yourself in individual rental units of varying sizes with flexible rental periods. The renter is therefore his or her own 'warehouse clerk'.

Different types of self storage

There are different types of self storage; from very basic to modern, secure facilities. Premium self storage these days has the following features:

  • individual, out of sight storage rooms
  • climate controlled storage rooms (regulated temperature and humidity)
  • electronic recording of entries and exits
  • individual monitoring of rooms (every storage room has its own alarm)
  • CCTV surveillance of the whole facility
  • access 7 days a week, up to 24 hours per day
  • covered loading and unloading areas
  • modern fire protection systems
  • wide selection of room sizes
  • availability of rolling stock for transport of goods on site

For long-term storage of most goods it is critically important that the storage facility is not too cold, warm, dry or damp.  Furthermore, the security of the facility is an important aspect which should be considered in line with the value of the items being stored.

To summarise: if the stored items are important to you, the storage environment needs to be adequate and secure.

Examples of how self storage can be useful

Self storage as a furniture repository

Self storage is perfect for storing furniture. When moving house, if your cellar is too small, or while on a long journey which requires you to store your furniture and other household effects, self storage allows the customer to rent a storage room with a size and rental period that exactly meets his or her requirements.

The customer can arrange the storage him/herself. Most self storage providers offer management of your removal and transport needs. For this, they enlist the services of experienced transporters and identified specialists who carry out these tasks as requested.

Self storage as a cellar replacement or extension

These days hardly anyone owns a cellar and an additional floating floor. Furthermore, these storage spaces are getting ever smaller, and living space ever more compressed. Additional storerooms are often damp and unheated, access is rarely optimal, and security of the stored goods is usually very low.

Self storage solutions therefore provide an ideal way to extend your cellar or storeroom. Skis or other sports equipment, winter and summer tyres, garden furniture, sledges, bicycles and other household items: everything can find a place in a personal storage room.

Temporary storage when renovating or extending

When renovating or extending a house or flat there is often the problem of storing the furniture until the work is completed. Self storage also lends itself well to these situations. If the construction or renovation takes longer than planned, the self storage rental period can be easily extended.

Self storage for businesses

Like private individuals, companies can also benefit from the advantages self storage offers.

Entire archives or documents which are not needed for day-to-day work can be kept in an external storage room. The space saved can then be used more profitably, for example as an additional workstation or sales floor. 

There is also the option to use self storage as a warehouse. A self storage solution can be especially helpful for field service employees. Upon request, 24 hour access to the store room can be arranged. Additional services such as goods receipt and consignment can help to keep field service employees focused on their core tasks. The goods are then ready whenever the employee really needs them, without the need for him or her to be on site to manage their receipt.

To find out how we can assist you with your storage requirements simply contact us for an individual on-site consultation. We will be happy to personally show you the advantages of storing with Zebrabox. We look forward to your visit!

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