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T’aime Box – the startup launched by two pioneering Lausanne women

Two pioneering women from Lausanne, one idea: T’aime Box. A monthly individual surprise box for the natural woman, just as she is. We interviewed Rebecca, the founder of the startup. Following a great response from the community, storing the products at home became increasingly difficult. Now Zebrabox has become indispensable for the startup.

The rise of T’aime Box

Two full-time jobs, one child on the way and the coronavirus crisis. Even all of this didn't stop Rebecca and her friend Nacha from setting up the startup company T’aime Box. In December 2020 – a good six months after their initial idea – the two pioneering women from Lausanne delivered their first surprise subscription box to customers.

“We don’t provide our customers with fast, mass-produced items, instead we offer individual products, a lifestyle, a community, a universe.”

A new surprise box every month

Every month the surprise box centres around a different theme. The content is designed according to the colours and emotions linked with that month's theme and filled with all kinds of products: home decor accessories, cosmetics, makeup, food, personal hygiene products, clothes, jewellery, health tips, household items, art, quotes and stories.

The two founders of T'aime Box

T’aime Box is a universe

There are also special features every month, such as an interview with an inspirational person, a specially selected recipe or a how-to video on the Instagram channel where the authentic T’aime Box community is always interacting. So it's not about individual products, but a whole lifestyle, a universe.

“Every woman is beautiful just as she is, regardless of her origin, physical characteristics and aspirations.”

Every woman is different

The startup is committed to real women. Not the simplified stereotype of women that is often portrayed in the media. When ordering a box or a subscription, women can provide information on the form about their physical characteristics, such as skin or hair type, and then wait for their T’aime Box surprise.

Local, sustainable and authentic

The selection of items is based on Swiss organic products. In addition to their desire to source natural and healthy products, the inspirational Lausanne women also focus on supporting local manufacturers wherever possible.

Monthly surprise box customised

From office to storage space

To start with, the two pioneering women stored everything in Rebecca’s office at her home in Lausanne. However, as T’aime Box grew in popularity, receiving and storing pallets of products became more and more difficult. They needed a more sustainable storage solution. Renting an office unit was simply too expensive just to use it as warehouse space.

“We didn't know that such a place existed: a central, easily accessible, external storage unit that you can also use as a delivery address, in a heated building and which even has toilets!”

Perfect storage for startups

As well as the optimal storage conditions, the small business owners were impressed with the support for startups. No matter how quickly T’aime Box grows, Zebrabox offers the flexibility to move to a larger storage unit at any time, without any bureaucratic discussions about current rental agreements.

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