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Self storage and the megatrend of urbanisation

Chicago by night

Urbanisation is advancing and new hurdles have to be overcome. At the same time, there are also enormous opportunities to make cities more resilient. Self storage offers numerous solutions. Plus, is there already a "smart city" in Switzerland?

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a journey through the emissions jungle

Boy looking through magnifying glass

What does our ecological footprint look like? Where can we still improve? Zebrabox's first CO2 balance will soon be published, allowing us to define targets and measures. We take you on a journey through the emissions jungle.

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Fashion revolution with self storage

Laughing young woman

The Fashion Revolution movement stands for fair and responsible fashion. We’ll show you how to make your favourite jumper last for years and why your storage unit can be your vintage clothing’s best friend!

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Decluttering your home and your soul

Woman cleans up home

Disorder and chaos affect our mental well-being. The effects of a chaotic environment range from lack of concentration to sleep problems and stress. There are some exceptions. Discover the difference a tidy home can make.

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Ideal humidity in your home

Older man doing yoga in the fresh air

Air that is too humid or too dry affects our well-being. With simple tips and tricks, you can achieve the ideal humidity in your home. Plus, learn how to best store furniture, documents and more.

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In conversation with CEO Christian Schmutz

Portrait of CEO Zebrabox

Zebrabox is going from strength to strength and is constantly evolving. Areas such as digitalisation, property development and expansion dominate the day-to-day work of our CEO, Christian Schmutz. We interviewed him to chat about all things Zebrabox.

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