Vehicle rental: a practical extra!

We have joined forces with QuickRent to expand our services and make it easy for you to rent a van at our Winterthur site. Find out everything you need to know about renting a van here.

At Zebrabox Winterthur the van (size XL) is located right outside the door. If this van has already been rented, QuickRent has other vans available nearby.

A brief summary of the most important points

How it works:

  • 1

    Download the "QuickRent" app and register. You will need a driving licence and a credit card.

  • 2

    Enter the time window in which you need the vehicle and then select "Show".

  • 3

    Choose a van on the list or map view and click "Book".

  • 4

    When collecting the vehicle, you open the van via the key icon in the app.

  • 5

    Take the key from the glove compartment, get yourself set up and go! 😊

Fair rental prices (excl. Sat.):

Size M+L: 3 hours incl. 100km CHF 69.-
Size M+L: 8-18h / 18-8h incl. 200km CHF 99.-
Size M+L: 24 hours CHF 129.-
Size XL: 3 hours incl. 100km CHF 79.-
Size XL: 8-18h / 18-8h incl. 200km CHF 129.-
Size XL: 24 hours CHF 159.-

Rent a QuickRent vehicle today

Want to rent a vehicle? Download the app now and you're ready to go, or visit the QuickRent website for more information.