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Warehouse for business

Are you searching a warehouse? Is your archive overflowing? Do you need storage for your sales force? You don’t have time to do the reception of your goods by yourself?

Zebrabox offers you individual and professional storage solution for your business at 9 sites in Switzerland. You have the choice between micro storage (beginning at 1m3), larger warehouse storage (up to 50m2) and in-between. You have the option to rent your storage unit short-term (at least one week) up to an indefinite period.

You and your co-workers have access to your storage 7 days a week, up to 24 hours a day. Each storage unit is individually alarm-secured and sight-protected. Our buildings are video surveyed.

Looking for a warehouse for your company?
Find a flexible storage solution

Individual storage solutions for warehouses or archives

Zebrabox supports you and your company with individual and flexible storage solutions. No matter if you need a warehouse, an archive or an intermediate storage solution short- or long-term: Zebrabox provides you with the exact space, which suits your needs.

Are you starting small and becoming big? Are you already big and you wish to become even bigger? No problem: at Zebrabox your storage is growing with you. We can customize your storage space – big warehouse or small archive - at any time and suit it to your actual needs.

Reception of goods for business customers

You don’t have time to do the reception of your goods by yourself? Zebrabox supports you even in this case: advise your supplier to send the delivery to Zebrabox directly. Our staff on site will bring the delivery to your storage unit and will notify you via email or phone.

With this Zebrabox service you will be able to look after your delivery whenever you have time to.