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Basement for rent / storage space for rent

Sound familiar? Your cellar is bursting at the seams and the garage hasn't had room for the car in quite a while. Surfboards or snowboards, winter or summer tires, everything can find its place at Zebrabox, your personal storage space.

These days, fewer and fewer people have the opportunity to create generous storage areas at home. Cellars are becoming ever smaller or unsafe, living rooms ever more compressed and expensive. At the same time, the demand for storage space for items that are needed only occasionally or seasonally is increasing. And who wants to give up a beloved hobby just because of a house move? In these situations, Zebrabox can help you simplify your life by letting you rent exactly the right space to meet your personal storage needs.

Flexible expansion of your cellar as a storage space

Thanks to independent access, 7 days a week, Zebrabox acts like your personal, flexible storage wing or second basement. Use the extra storage space in whatever way you can imagine. Your house or flat is not the best place to store the things you do not need every day. Use your living room, hallway or garage as living space and store your diving and golf equipment or winter and summer tires at Zebrabox.

Need help transporting your items to or from Zebrabox?
Let Movu find the best offers for your specific transportation needs.