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Rent a storage while you renovate

About to renovate your house, flat or office? Need a flexible and secure storage solution for your furniture and other belongings while you renovate? We offer a diverse range of solutions. At Zebrabox we are here to help find the right solution for you.

Overview of possible storage options

There are countless storage options for temporarily storing your household goods during your upcoming renovations.

  • Asking friends or family is one obvious solution. However, there is clearly a limit to how much you can ask them to store and this can lead to arguments.
  • Warehouses also offer storage space for your belongings, but the flexibility of having unrestricted access to your storage unit is often not guaranteed. It is highly likely that you will want occasional access to your belongings during your renovation.
  • Another storage option is leasing a container, although this is not altogether recommended. The storage conditions are not optimal, particularly for furniture, because the container is not heated or protected from damp. 

Want a private storage unit which is also suitable for storing your furniture? Then Zebrabox is the right choice for you. As the most experienced self-storage provider in Switzerland, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to find the perfect storage unit for you.

Please contact our customer advisers on +41(0)848932722 or use our handy website to find the perfect size for your private storage unit.

Couple stores household goods during renovation

Straightforward processes and maximum flexibility

With us, you can rent a storage unit while you renovate and you have maximum flexibility, no matter how long the renovation takes. The minimum storage rental period is just one week and it can be extended as required. To make the process as easy as possible for our customers, you can easily give notice via e-mail or phone. The cancellation period is only 14 days. All our locations have an electronic access system, so that you can have free access to your storage unit 7 days a week.

Looking for storage space during renovation?
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Perfect storage conditions for your household goods

Our facilities offer everything that you would expect from a great self-storage provider. All of our storage units at our 9 locations in Switzerland have heating and maintain low humidity levels. Ideal storage conditions for items such as furniture or pictures that need extra care. Your furniture is safe with us. All of our storage units are alarmed and our buildings are also under video surveillance.

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Storage units to suit everyone

No matter how much furniture you would like to put into temporary storage, we can offer you the ideal storage unit. Our customer advisers assess your storage requirements and help you to find the perfect storage unit. Through a personal consultation, we can accurately calculate your storage needs, so that ultimately you only rent and pay for the space that you really need.

At Zebrabox we offer advisory services in Basel, Bern, Horgen, Ittigen, Lausanne, Schlieren, Spreitenbach, St. Gallen, Therwil, Villeneuve, Winterthur and Zurich, so we can find your ideal private storage unit. We look forward to hearing from you! Smart storage with Zebrabox.