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Mini storage solution during renovation

Are you busy renovating your house, apartment or office? Do you need a flexible storage solution for your furniture and other furnishing things during that period?

Zebrabox you can rent storage for exactly the period of your renovation. Your belongings are safely and easily stored at your personal Zebrabox until the renovation is done.

Need help transporting your items to or from Zebrabox?
Let Movu find the best offers for your specific transportation needs.

10 good reasons to store with Zebrabox:

  • 1. As off one week or as long as needed
  • 2. Size tailored to your needs
  • 3. Free access 7 days a week
  • 4. Private, individual and sight-protected storage
  • 5. Alarm-secured and video surveyed
  • 6. Heated and dry
  • 7. Free parking
  • 8. Packaging material on site in our ZebraShop
  • 9. We help you organise your removal
  • 10. Short-term booking possible