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Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of the Self Storage Contract of Zebrabox SA | Zebrabox Self Storage AG | Zebrabox Ministorage AG

1. Nature of the contract

  1. The self storage contract is a contract whereas ZEBRABOX MINISTORAGE AG (thereafter ZEBRABOX) allocates to the client the use of a storage unit in order that the client stores by himself (self storage) personal or other goods – without the necessity for ZEBRABOX to know the exact nature of the goods – for a defined period of time and periodic charge payable by the client.
  2. The present contract cannot under any circumstances be interpreted or assimilated to a warehousing contract (art 472 and following of Swiss CO), ZEBRABOX having none of the obligations of a depositary. ZEBRBOX ignores the nature of the goods stored and can’t be hold liable for their restitution.
  3. The present contract cannot under any circumstances be interpreted or assimilated to a commercial lease contract (art. 253 and following CO). The storage unit cannot be used to operate a company, but exclusively to store goods admitted inside the building. The client commits himself not to run any commercial or industrial activity inside the storage unit or in the premises of ZEBRABOX, any storage unit being exclusively reserved to store goods. Thereafter it is forbidden to the client to set his head office or subsidiary at the location of the storage unit, nor is it allowed to fit commercial signs inside or outside the storage unit. The broadcasting of music, the distribution of food and beverage and all activities related to other people than the client are not allowed. The client declares that the storage unit described in this contract is not an essential part to run any business.
  4. The storage unit can under no circumstances be used as a permanent or temporary residence. Thereafter all the laws and rules concerning residential leases are not applicable.
  5. The present contract can not be interpreted or assimilated to a safe contract, knowing that ZEBRABOX doesn’t offer an absolute security level. ZEBRABOX declines any liability in case of loss, theft or any other damage to the goods stored. It is required that the client insures the stored goods (see nr 7).

2. Period of the contract

  1. All contracts are fixed-term agreements. The parties agree upon the duration of use of the storage unit at the closing of the contract.
  2. With a 14 day notice prior to the termination, the parties may agree to extend the duration of the contract.
  3. The party who does not wish to renew the contract further to the agreed term shall inform the other party with a 14 day notice prior to the term. The client is obliged to empty the storage unit totally at the latest the last day of the fixed-term.
  4. If at the end of the agreed fixed term the contract is neither extended according to 2 b), nor terminated and the storage unit emptied according to 2 c), it will be extended tacitly for successive monthly periods. In case of weekly fixed-terms, the renewal period is one week.
  5. In case the storage unit is not emptied by the client the last day of the fixed term, ZEBRABOX reserves its right to proceed according to paragraph 10 thereafter.

3. Charge

  1. The use of the storage unit is subject to periodic charges. The amount is agreed at the closing of the contract.
  2. The charge for the agreed period of the contract is due in total at the start of the period. The parties may agree on other payment terms.
  3. ZEBRABOX is permitted to modify the charge at any renewal of the contract. The client will be notified in written form at least with a 30 day notice prior to the modification of the charge.
  4. Should the payment be overdue, he will be charged with late fees. The client’s access to the storage unit may be locked until full payment of the amount due.
  5. ZEBRABOX is permitted to terminate the contract with immediate effect in case of payment default, according to the terms described in par. 10.

4. Deposit

A deposit in the amount of at least a monthly charge is required at the closing of the contract. In case of an increase of the charge, ZEBRABOX may ask for a complementary adjustment payment of the deposit. ZEBRABOX is allowed to ask for an increased deposit in specific cases. No interest will be paid for the deposit. The deposit is payable to ZEBRABOX, who will hold it up to the termination of the contract and the handing over of the storage unit by the client. The deposit will then be refunded according to par. 8.

5. Access

  1. The client agrees to follow all the security rules defined by ZEBRABOX, in particular all those concerning the access, opening and closing of the building and the storage unit, according to the access description provided to the client. The client takes care when opening the doors that nobody else will get into the building, and that all gates and doors are closed properly behind him. In case of any problem, the client has to call the security on the numbers indicated close to the access keypads.
  2. Any activation of the alarm system due to an error in the access or exit procedure which will be followed by an intervention on site of the security company will be charged to the client with a minimum amount of chf 200.-.

  3. The cards, badges or access codes as well as the keys to the storage unit are personal and non transferable. The client is responsible to keep these items in a secured place, and to give immediate notice to ZEBRABOX of any theft or loss.
  4. Access to the storage unit is possible 7 days a week, from 6 AM to 10 PM. ZEBRABOX is allowed to modify the access time from case to case.


6. Self-storage

  1. The client will only store goods in the storage unit defined by the contract. He is neither allowed to store good anywhere else, nor to go beyond the defined limits of the storage unit. The client will not in any way modify the storage unit, the walls, partitions, doors, electrical wires or any other equipment of ZEBRABOX. It is forbidden to glue, nail, screw or fit with any other method any equipment or fittings inside the box, as well as modify, damage or misuse any equipment being inside or outside of the storage unit.
  2. The goods shall exclusively be stored inside the storage unit. The client will not proceed any work in it, nor install any machines or equipment needing electrical power without prior explicit consent by ZEBRABOX. It is not permitted to use the storage unit as a living place, nor as a premise to carry out any commercial activity, not even temporarily.
  3. The client is commited to maintain the storage unit in clean condition at any time. He will avoid storing goods which could inflict damage to the premises or the goods stored by other clients.
  4. The client will not unnecessarily obstruct the corridors, doors and parkings. The use of common areas is limited to the strictly necessary time to load and unload the goods. He will not block the automatic doors.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to store any goods with the following characteristics: perishable, fumes or odour emitting, dangerous, toxic, combustible or explosive, radioactive, corrosive. Dead or live animals are prohibited, as well as plants and ammunition. All goods which could negatively impact the other clients are prohibited, as well as goods that need special storage conditions by law, or goods whose possession is illegal. Wheels / tyres and any carpets or similar have to be stored in plastic bags.
  6. The client has to pay attention that the goods stored will not be damaged by their own imported causes, in particular by humidity, rust or vermin.
  7. ZEBRABOX reserves its right to access to the clients storage unit in case of reasonable doubt according the breach by the client of these rules or any term of the contract or these conditions.
  8. The client is solely responsible for the goods stored and declares to be the legal owner of those.
  9. The client has the exclusive access to his storage unit. However, ZEBRABOX reserves its right to access the storage unit in case of emergency, in order to conserve the client’s stored goods or any goods stored by other clients.
  10. The client declares to have taken notice of the prohibited goods according to 6.e. In case of reasonable doubt about the nature of the goods stored, ZEBRABOX reserves its right to proceed to a check by accessing the storage unit, and when indicated to dispose any goods presenting a danger to the premises or the people.
  11. The client will be held responsible for any damage occurring to ZEBRABOX or any other client in case of breach of these conditions.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any area of the Zebrabox premises. In particular in all access zones, parkings, corridors and storage units. The client will take care not to hinder the proper function or accesibility of any fire protection equipment, such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire push buttons or escape ways.

  13. Any storage of waste and/or littering in or around the premises of ZEBRABOX is prohibited. The client is responsible to take away any waste or rubbish in order to eliminate it accordingly to the laws. All goods abandoned by the client will lead to the client being invoiced for any cost.
  14. The client is solely responsible for operating the transport or handling material provided by ZEBRABOX. ZEBRABOX declines any liability in case of any accident or damage occurring with the use of this material.

7. Insurance and liability

  1. ZEBRABOX takes all necessary measures in order to provide safe and professional storage conditions to the client.
  2. Therefore, the access, opening and closing of the building are secured. The client can only access with his personal card, badge or code. His storage unit is closed by a lock whereof the client detains the key, and is individually secured by an alarm system. The premises are monitored by CCTV. However, the security guarantees are not the ones of a safe.
  3. In case of loss or theft of any access item (code, card, chip, key), the client has to inform ZEBRABOX immediately.
  4. ZEBRABOX will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the goods stored, or for any burglary, break-in or destruction possibly happening in the storage unit or in the premises of ZEBRABOX. ZEBRABOX disclaims any liability in case of loss, theft, fire or any other damage occurring to the stored goods.
  5. The client will declare the maximum value of the goods stored in the storage unit. He has to hold a multi risk insurance policy for the content of the storage unit and to maintain it throughout all the time of the contact.
  6. This policy has to cover at least risks to the stored goods in case of fire, explosion, water damage, theft and natural disasters, up to the declared storage value. The insurance has to provide replacement value.
  7. In case of an increase of the value of the goods stored, the client has to inform ZEBRABOX. In case of damage, ZEBRABOX will not be liable for any difference between the declared insured value and the effective damage occurred.
  8. Furthermore, ZEBRABOX is not liable for any damage to the client in case the client did not sign the necessary insurance, nor in the case the insurance has been concluded with an insufficient coverage.
  9. In order to meet the insurance obligation, the client has the following choice: 
    • • Subscribe a multi risk insurance cover directly through ZEBRABOX. ZEBRABOX subscribes for this matter an insurance coverage provided by a renowned insurance company.
    • • Subscribe a multi risk insurance directly with an insurance company of his choice, or adapt the coverage of an existing insurance to the goods stored at ZEBRABOX.
  10. We draw the attention to the fact that, if the client subscribes the insurance coverage through ZEBRABOX, the following items / goods are excluded from the theft insurance: jewellery, stamps, monetary values, furs, watches, arms & weapons, coins, medals, precious metals, precious stones and pearls.
  11. The client takes notice that the insurance coverage subscribed through ZEBRABOX will be suspended as soon as the according premium is overdue by 10 days.
  12. ZEBRABOX reserves its right to act in civil liability against the client in case of any damage caused inside or at the surroundings of the premises.

8. Unit vacate process

After the client has vacated the unit, it should be in good, clean and sound condition, without any remaining goods or rubbish. Any damage or necessary cleaning will be charged to the client. The refund of the deposit will only take place after inspection of the storage unit by the staff of ZEBRABOX, and after restitution of all the keys and any other access
item handed over to the client.

9. Change of address

The client has to inform ZEBRABOX immediately in written form for any change of his postal or E-mail address and phone number. As long as any change has not been notified, ZEBRABOX will have the right to send any correspondence to the last known address.

10. Breach of terms & conditions

  1. Should the client not respect the defined payment terms or any of the terms & conditions as defined by the contract or the present document, then ZEBRABOX will be allowed to send him a reminder by registered mail. Should the client not react within 10 days, then ZEBRABOX is permitted to terminate the contract with immediate effect.
  2. After receipt of the termination letter, and upon the condition that the total amount due has been paid to ZEBRABOX, the client is obliged to empty the storage unit at the latest 10 days after the receipt of the termination letter.
  3. In case the clients address is no more valid (see 9), the termination notice shall be deemed notified with immediate effect after the unsuccessful transmission to the last known clients address.
  4. Should the client not have emptied the storage unit according to 10 b), ZEBRABOX will keep its right to empty it. Additionally, after the end of the term, the illicit occupation of the unit will further be charged to the client according to the initial contract value added by a penalty of 10%.
  5. In case of default of the client, the parties agree that ZEBRBAOX will have a lien on the stored goods, who will then be under the possession of ZEBRABOX. These goods will serve as a security for the amounts due (charges, penalties, damages...) in connection with this contract. ZEBRABOX will be allowed to:
    1. Store the goods elsewhere, at cost and risk of the client, or
    2. be free to sell the goods at his best, without any special formalities in order to recover its claims (this can be done at ZEBABOX’s discretion, whatever sales method being applied), or
    3. dispose the goods in case the value should be minimal or zero.
  6. The revenues of a possible sale will first serve to cover the clients due amounts. The costs of additional storage and/or disposal of the goods, as well as possible sales costs will remain due by the client. If any surplus would have occurred, the amount will be deposited in an account without any interests. The client will have the possibility to recover the balance at any time.
  7. In case of serious violation of the terms and conditions by the client causing danger in delay, ZEBRABOX reserves its right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, to get into the storage unit in order to eliminate any danger and todispose any good presenting any danger. ZEBRABOX will also be allowed to act according to 10 e) and a) therefore.

11. Miscellaneaous

  1. The client agrees to respect all the terms & conditions of this document, as well as handed out access procedure. ZEBRABOX reserves its right to adapt these terms & conditions and documents according to the situation, in the spirit of what was agreed. In case of amendments, the client will be notified at least 30 days prior it becomes effective. The client will be given a 14 days termination term in case he would not agree to the new terms & conditions. 
  2. This contract is not transferable or assignable. The client commits himself not to transfer to anybody else the use of the storage unit described in this contract.
  3. ZEBRABOX reserves its right to assign another unit of equivalent size to the client. The transfer of the goods will be done at cost of ZEBRABOX, who will be allowed to perform it after a 7 day notice to the client.
  4. The client takes notice that he could be asked to give access to his storage unit for technical or maintenance reasons.
  5. The client agrees that the movement of people in the surroundings and inside the premises of ZEBRABOX are registered by CCTV cameras. The client gives his explicit consent to ZEBRABOX for the conservation and treatment of the data from the access control system and the cameras. He allows ZEBRABOX to hold the pictures from the CCTV cameras for 30 days.

12. Data protection

The collection and processing of personal data by ZEBRABOX is described in detail in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy forms an integral part of these T&C. It can be accessed via: By agreeing to these T&C, the client declares that he/she has read and understood the Privacy Policy.”

Jurisdiction: For all disputes arising under this contract, the client expressly waives his natural judge and the parties agree that the competent court will be the location of the headquarters of ZEBRABOX MINISTORAGE AG in Zurich.

These terms & conditions are part of the self storage contract. The terms & conditions in English are drafted for convenience reasons. The German version is prevailing.