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Store furniture at Zebrabox

Whether you're going on a trip around the world, about to renovate your house or moving home, situations may arise which require the storage of some of your furniture or even your entire household.

When life situations change, no matter whether it's a piece of antique furniture or the entire household that temporarily needs a new home, Zebrabox can provide individual storage rooms from 1m3 to 50m2 — the perfect storage for your furniture in every dimension. Both short and long-term storage space for furniture can be rented quickly and easily. Our solutions range from storage for a couple of removal boxes up to rooms to accommodate valuable pieces of furniture — at Zebrabox you'll find the space that exactly suits your needs. And we'll be glad to help you choose your ideal, personal storage room.

Optimum room conditions for furniture storage

Because all Zebrabox storage rooms are heated and ventilated, they always provide ideal conditions for storing furniture. While many storage companies limit themselves to offering 'frost-free rooms', Zebrabox goes much further. Why? Because 'frost-free' does not guarantee that the temperature will remains above the required 12°C. Temperatures below this can be harmful to many kinds of wooden furniture, which may suffer irreparable damage. By contrast, at Zebrabox your furniture will be safe even in the winter.

Practical aids when storing furniture on site

Covered loading areas and ramps are available at all locations for the loading and unloading of your furniture. Pallet rollers and the smaller transport trolleys are also available for your use.

Need extra packing boxes or other packaging materials such as protective covers? At each attended Zebrabox facility you will find high quality removal and packaging materials on site.

Need help transporting your items to or from Zebrabox?
Let Movu find the best offers for your specific transportation needs.