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Wine blog: how to store wine properly

Dinner with red wine

Everyone wants to be able to store good wine for a long time without losing quality. Fortunately, this is possible even without a wine cellar. We show you how. These tips will help you store your wine without affecting its aroma.

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Overwintering geraniums

Woman cuts geranium before hibernation

The geranium is one of the most popular balcony and pot plants, but unfortunately it is not hardy. These beautiful cranesbill plants are often thrown away over the winter. But this does not have to be the case. With the right precautions, your geraniums will blossom beautifully again next spring.

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Storing kayaks and SUPs correctly

How to winter a kayak

The summer was so warm and sunny, but autumn cannot be diverted from its course. Your kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP), on the other hand, unfortunately, can be. So, it's time to head for the harbour and prepare your equipment for winter. In this article you can read our tips and tricks for safely storing your kayak or SUP. 

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Completely digital – the new booking process

Book storage space from anywhere

At the beginning of September 2020, Zebrabox launched its new booking process, which enables customers to book a storage unit from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them. The gradual rollout of this new process started with the Zebrabox sites in the greater Zurich area.

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What to look out for when viewing a rental property

Tour of the flat

When did you last use your balcony to sunbathe or eat breakfast with friends? For many people, that is just a distant memory. Over time, it is not uncommon for outside spaces to gradually become an extra storage area and enjoying your morning coffee in the sun might now be a thing of the past. With our tips and tricks, you can give your outside space a relaxed holiday feel.

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Applying for a rental property – advice for tenants

Successful apartment search

If you want your rental application to be successful, you've got to be quick. After visiting the property, you need to get your forms to the landlord pretty much straightaway. The competition never sleeps and mass viewings for rental properties in cities are increasingly common. Some things shouldn't be left to chance, and applying for a new flat is one of them. These top tips will help you to make your application stand out, win over the landlord and, with a bit of luck, secure your new dream home.

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