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Put an end to cable chaos – finally restore order

Manage cables easily

Are you constantly tripping over cables that are still running all over your home despite your best efforts? Loudspeakers, phones, standing lamps, computers and screens compete ruthlessly in the cable marathon. But don't worry. Read our tips for finally getting your dust collectors off the floor and out of sight.

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Relocating as a family – make moving with kids easy

Moving as a family

Thanks to our moving house checklist you can survive relocating with your nerves still intact. However, moving with kids adds an extra dimension. They're worried about missing their friends and generally not very enthusiastic about moving. But with a few simple tips, your children can even become excited about the move. 

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How to store LPs and VHS tapes correctly

Well preserved records.

Storing LPs and VHS tapes correctly is essential. Find out how to make sure that you can enjoy watching your childhood memories or favourite classic films for a long time to come.

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Life Hacks for Storing Christmas Decorations

Christmas baubles storage

Getting rid of your Christmas tree and the decorations need to disappear again soon? What can you do differently this time so that next Christmas you won't spend hours untangling fairy lights again, picking up broken Christmas ornament shards and inventing new swear words? We’ll show you how easy and cheap it is to become a storage professional when it comes to Christmas decorations. 

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Let there be light!

Loft appartment

Vitamin D deficiency goes hand in hand with the onset of winter. Dark rooms don't really help. We'll give you tips on how to brighten up your own four walls with just a few simple remedies.

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