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Stardust Drinks – liqueur from other galaxies

Stardust Drinks Liqueurs

From New York to Lyss and then straight into outer space. Since 2019, the founder of Stardust Drinks has sold thousands of his cosmic glitter liqueurs. We interviewed Tayfun Saka about his liqueurs from other galaxies, how it all began and why he chose Zebrabox as his storage partner.Stardust Drinks – liqueur from other galaxies

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T’aime Box – the startup launched by two pioneering Lausanne women

Surprise Box from T'aime Box

Two pioneering women from Lausanne, one idea: T’aime Box. A monthly individual surprise box for the natural woman, just as she is. We interviewed Rebecca, the founder of the startup. Following a great response from the community, storing the products at home became increasingly difficult. Now Zebrabox has become indispensable for the startup.

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Self-check-in storage units

Self Check-in Self Storage in Winterthur

We are already familiar with it at McDonald’s, now it is also available for self-storage – introducing self-check-in. At the Zebrabox kiosk in Winterthur, you can book the ideal storage unit for your requirements via our self-service kiosk and start storing straightaway.

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Small space living – tiny house, big storage

Living room of a Tiny House

How many things have you accumulated in your house over the years? And, more importantly, how many of those things do you actually need? This question is often the motivation behind adopting a minimalist lifestyle and the reason why many opt for tiny house living. Find out more about this and how self storage can help in this blog.

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10 tips to help make the most of your storage space

Young couple efficiently stores their storage room

In many cases, a storage room offers more space than expected. For this reason, our employees have the task of recommending you the right storage space according to your size requirements. With these 10 tips you will get the most out of your storage space.

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We are industry champions!

Customers rate self-storage company Zebrabox

Two golds, one silver. Zebrabox ranks highly in the SIQT Industry Awards 2020/21, where different Swiss businesses and products are rated every year by consumers. As of this year, the Swiss self-storage industry is also part of the study, symbolising the sector’s growing relevance on the Swiss market.

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