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Too hot to sleep? Put an end to night sweats this summer

Zebrabox is an expert on all things to do with room temperature and humidity. Providing all-year-round heated storage units with constantly low humidity levels is at the core of what we do. We know that an optimal room climate is necessary for deep and restorative sleep. The humidity should be between 50% and 60%. If the humidity level is too low, the risk of catching a cold is increased. If it’s too high, then it can cause mould spores to grow which affects your health. Summer is now fast approaching and the nights are getting ever warmer. So, we’ve got some top tips to stop the night sweats and help you get a good night’s sleep despite the warmer weather.

1. Airing the room

Even in Switzerland and Europe, nights in bed can feel subtropical. Sweating seems inevitable and your comfortable night's rest is at risk. But disturbed sleep, also known as insomnia, can be avoided. Give the room a good airing early in the morning and again in the evening as the sun sets to freshen up the room. We recommend shutting the windows and doors about 11 a.m. Of course, you can leave your window open overnight, as long as no rain is forecast. You can also prevent intense heat from coming in through the window by using a sun protection film

2. Air conditioning and fans

Another way to gain those precious extra minutes of sleep in the summer months is to use air conditioning to cool the bedroom. If you can't afford an expensive air-conditioning system, then another good option is a mobile air-conditioning unit. Fans are useful for directing cool air onto your skin, but they don't lower the room temperature. So, if you want to drift off into the land of dreams with a fan, then it will have to be left running while you're asleep, which is noisy and can make you more susceptible to colds. Air conditioning on the other hand can be used to cool the room before you go to bed. Once your bedroom has reached the desired temperature, you can turn the unit off overnight. This stops you from getting a chill overnight and the room stays at a comfortable temperature for longer. 

3. Bedding 

When choosing covers and pillows, remember natural is best. Down or synthetic materials such as polyester are certainly good for retaining heat during frosty winter nights, but they're not suitable for the summer. Use duvets with natural fibres, such as light wool, camel hair or wild silk and duvet covers made from linen, bamboo or cotton. They are all ideal for hot nights. Compared to synthetic materials, these natural fibres have the advantage of being breathable. This allows sweat to escape and the bed clothes won't stick to you in the night. During a very hot spell, it's even worth taking the duvet out of the cover. This gets rid of the unnecessary extra layer of warmth and you’ll still have that cosy, covered up feeling when you go to bed. Alternatively, you could use a large beach sheet, which will also allow perspiration to escape. 

4. Nightwear

Even what you wear at night can affect the quality of your sleep. Our top tip here is silk. Pyjamas made from silk are breathable and quick drying. Viscose and modal fabrics also have similar beneficial properties. Avoid wearing cotton clothing during hot weather because it absorbs sweat and sticks to your body. Sleeping naked is another option from the point of view of keeping cool, but it does lead to sweat patches on your bedding. 

5. Life hacks for hot nights

As well as temperature tips and recommendations about different materials, here are a few more life hacks to avoid sweating and get a good night’s sleep:

  • Don't drink a lot in the last couple of hours before you go to bed. This will avoid a night-time trip to the toilet.
  • The last meal of the day should be a light meal that is low in carbohydrates.
  • Exercise. But plan in a two-hour recovery period before bedtime.
  • Have a warm shower. This opens the pores in your skin and expands the blood vessels so that your body can expel heat more effectively.
  • Drop a little bit of mint oil into your shower gel to help cool you down for a while.
  • Put a sheet in the fridge and spray it with lavender oil (soporific effect).
  • Use the Sleep Cycle app, which slowly soothes you to sleep and gently wakes you again.
  • Put a grain pillow in the freezer and take it to bed with you. 
  • Use cold packs and freezer packs and keep a flannel in a bowl of ice-cold water on your bedside table.
  • And if you wake up? Read a couple of pages of your book and you’ll soon fall back to sleep. 
  • For restless legs: magnesium helps to prevent cramps and lets your muscles relax, which can help you fall asleep.

As we've already mentioned, room temperature and humidity are big factors and getting those right helps to avoid sleepless nights. It’s not just people that need these optimal room conditions, many materials do too. At Zebrabox, your documents, furniture, clothes, musical instruments, electronics, metal objects and sports equipment are in the best hands thanks to our storage expertise. Click on the article below to discover the optimal storage conditions for these items.

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