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Storing car tyres the right way: correct tyre storage

Twice a year drivers change their car tyres. But where do you put your tyres when they’re not being used? You could use a professional tyre storage service, but not everyone wants this added expense. So how can you go about storing your tyres yourself? We show you how to store your tyres correctly so that you can arrive safely and accident-free to your destination again next year.

Choosing the right storage location

The first and perhaps also the most important point to consider is where to store your tyres. Car tyres are made from a highly specialised rubber compound and many storage sites are therefore not suitable for long-term tyre storage. Ideally, tyres should be kept at a constant temperature and low humidity. A cool temperature is best. They should also be kept out of direct sunlight, meaning that the storage location needs to be dark.

The ideal storage unit is:

  • dry
  • dark
  • cool
  • moderately ventilated


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How to clean your tyres

Once you’ve found a suitable storage location, the next step is to prepare your tyres for storage.

First, carefully check and clean the tyre treads. Stones, sand and other dirt needs to be removed before you can store the tyres. Avoid using grease, oil or other cleaning substances because these can corrode the rubber. All you need is lukewarm water and a brush.

While cleaning the tyres, you can also check for any damage and measure the depth of the tyre tread. It’s best to repair any damage before putting the tyres in storage. If you want to store the tyres together with the rims, first check the rims for rust. To avoid mould, make sure the tyres are completely dry before storing.

When removing the tyres, it is recommended that you clearly mark the tyre position and rolling direction on the tyres. Ideally, car tyres should be rotated after each season to ensure even wear.

When storing tyres on the rims (i.e. complete wheels), they should always be stored at a higher pressure. Higher pressure here means approx. 0.5 bar above the manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure for a full load to allow for pressure loss during storage.

Summary – how to clean tyres correctly:

  • Scrub tyres clean using lukewarm water and a brush (avoid cleaning agents!)
  • Check for damage (repair any damage before putting in storage)
  • Measure tread depth
  • Check rims for rust
  • Allow tyres to dry before storing
  • Tyres on the rims should be stored at 0.5 bar above the full-load inflation pressure

How to store your tyres

When in storage, your tyres should ideally be stored on a tyre tree. This way they are easy to reach and not in contact with the floor. Another option is to hang the wheels on hooks on the wall. Hanging avoids any unnecessary pressure on the wheels.

If these options aren't possible in your location, then ensure that no more than four wheels are stacked on top of each other. Tyres still on the rims must not be stored vertically or leaning against a wall – this can cause the tread at the contact area to deform.

Tyres not on the rims should be stored upright and rotated a quarter turn every month. This prevents any deformations.

As tyres age, their handling and braking characteristics reduce. For this reason, after eight years, tyres should no longer be stored but replaced.

To store tyres simply and correctly:

  • Hang tyres on a tyre tree or on wall hooks (no floor contact)
  • Never store tyres with their rims vertically (risk of deformation)
  • Tyres not on the rim can be stored vertically and rotated a quarter turn 1x per month
  • Replace tyres after 8 years

Store with Zebrabox

Not enough space for storing tyres in your own basement garage? Zebrabox can help. Your summer tyres are guaranteed to feel right at home here! Our storage units are kept at a constant temperature and have a low humidity level all year round. You can also be confident that your tyres are safe thanks to our security alarm system. Looking for a good storage place for your summer or winter tyres? Find your nearest Zebrabox here.


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