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How to set up a home office

Your home has a proven impact on your personal well-being. In the time of home offices, it is therefore even more important to create an atmosphere that makes staying within your own four walls enjoyable. Find out how to set up your home office properly – including ergonomic tips – and still maintain the boundary between your private life and work.

Room layout

To prevent your professional life from intruding on your entire private life, you should physically separate your home office as best you can. Ideally, you should convert a room into an office. Alternatively, you can use room dividers. You could divide the room using screens or tall plants, or put up curtains, a bookcase or another wall with integrated storage space as a partition.

using screens to separate homeoffice


Once the work area is clearly separated, it's time for alignment and atmosphere.


Your work desk should ideally be at right angles to a window. This way, you won't have any strenuous backlighting and you avoid casting shadows on your desk. Provide as much natural light as possible and supplement the light with a desk lamp.

Plants and decoration

Create a pleasant, fresh atmosphere. Use the calming effect of green plants and simple decoration. Don't overdo it with decorative items. Make sure that it doesn't look too busy, as this could be distracting.


The well-lit and separated workspace now just needs a table, chair and screen.


Use a wooden table. This keeps your arms warm when they're resting on the table and stops you from getting cold every time you lean on a stone or metal table top. The table height should ideally be around 70-72cm. Also, don't forget to leave enough legroom.


One of the most important things is the chair! You mustn't skimp here. Test your potential future chair for a few days before you commit to buying it for good. You should be able to put your feet down fully and the seat height should be between 35cm and 55cm.


With a 24-inch screen, a distance of 70cm from your eyes is sufficient for healthy working. Larger screens, however, need to be further away. Check in advance, your eyes will thank you. By the way, curved screens are adapted to the natural curvature of the eye and are therefore gentler on the eye.

Create space

To avoid getting lost in mountains of paper, folders and documents, you need enough storage space.

Storage area

Use drawers, shelves and boxes. Some of these will already be integrated into your desk. If not, you can install mobile versions under the desk. Pinboards also help to avoid having current notes lying around on the table. Better still, try to keep as many notes as possible digitally. This not only saves space, but also trees.

Self storage

Want to set up an optimal home office, but don't have a spare room or even space for a separate work area? With an external storage room, you can create space for your well-being when working from home. At Zebrabox, we offer flexible contracts for as little as one square metre of rental space. Store with us just temporarily or for a longer period.

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