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Zebrabox: Store like a professional

As a leading provider of self-storage solutions, Zebrabox offers its customers more than 6750 storage spaces at 12 locations. No matter what your circumstances, Zebrabox can offer you a tailor-made solution, meaning there are 101 reasons why you should use our storage space.

Even when you're short on time or space, we stay flexible

You never know what life is going to throw at you next – a flooded basement, eviction notice or separation can mean that you need to move your belongings to a new location as quickly as possible. That’s not a problem for us: at Zebrabox, you can even store your prized possessions on the same day, giving you at least one less thing to worry about.

Or perhaps you’ve got your hands on some new furniture, or sold or recycled a few of your belongings? No worries at all – we can help you move your things to a larger or smaller storage space with minimal fuss.

A couple storing things in their zebrabox

Early bird or night owl – we’re open when you need us

No matter what your working hours, diary or holiday plans look like, with our automated access system, you can store or pick up your belongings from 6 am to 10 pm every day. Our doors are (almost) always open to you.

No matter what’s in your Zebrabox, we’ve got it covered

Garages and basements are often vulnerable to the elements, which means your belongings could fall victim to damp or moisture. Thankfully, this won't happen at Zebrabox – all our storage rooms are kept dry and heated.

And you can also be sure that your belongings will be stored safely away from prying eyes – because what you keep in your personal storage space is nobody's business but yours.

Sometimes the journey is also the destination – we’ll ensure it goes smoothly

Faster, more efficient transport saves energy, time and stress. That’s why Zebrabox provides you with a hassle-free transport option. You can leave your car in our free car park and move your belongings directly to your storage space with the help of a ramp, trolley and lift – no sweat!

And you needn’t worry if you or a friend or family member needs to access the storage room late at night: our video surveillance and alarm system works around the clock, ensuring the security of both our customers and their belongings.

Need a few more boxes or some duct tape? We’ve got just the thing

There's always something you forget you’ll need when you move. Luckily, we have five on-site removal shops where you can find everything you need to ensure your move goes smoothly. From bubble wrap and cardboard boxes in nine different sizes to protective covers and furniture polish, we’ve got it covered. Pop into one of our removal shops to see for yourself!