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Self-check-in storage units

We are already familiar with it at airports and even McDonald’s but now it is also available at Zebrabox – introducing self-check-in for self-storage. At the Zebrabox kiosk in Winterthur, you can book the ideal storage unit for your requirements via our self-service kiosk and start storing straightaway.

The Zebrabox kiosk

Since January 2021, Zebrabox customers have had the use of our site in Winterthur, which has been designed entirely on the concept of self-service storage. The Zebrabox kiosk is an integral part of this functional design.

The neat box in reception right next to our packaging shop has a large self-check-in touchscreen. It enables customers to make bookings, report a problem or get support from our customer service team.

Self-Check-in Zebrabox kiosk


Our volume calculator is integrated into the self-check-in touchscreen to help you find the right size storage unit for your things. Once you have found the size you need, you can book directly and start using your storage unit. You also have access to the most important questions and answers and you can find information about how to rent our Zebrabus in Winterthur.

Choosing a storage unit, booking and getting the key is all done directly on site through our self-service system. This means that you are able to book a storage unit by yourself within minutes any day of the week from early in the morning until late evening and start storing your items straightaway.

In addition to the kiosk, our packaging shop is also designed to be self-service. Find the items you need. Tick them off on the list provided and put the list in the letter box on site. We will then send you the bill.

Self-Check-in for Self Storage in Winterthur


The self-check-in process doesn't have to be completely without human input. If you're not sure exactly how much space you really need or have a question about your booking, then there is always a customer adviser available to help.

You can start a live video chat directly on the screen to receive advice and support from one of our customer advisers. This enables us to discuss your requirements with you so that we can tailor our advice to your needs and work together to find a solution.


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