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Behind the Box – Manuel introduces himself

Who are the people who work at Zebrabox? Today we take a look behind the curtains and ask Manuel a couple of questions. He has been working with us as an intern in Marketing since January 2017 at the head office in Zurich and studies communication science.

Tell us, how was your first day of work at Zebrabox?

(Thinks) New. At the beginning, I didn’t really know what to expect. I received a super friendly welcome and immediately carried off into the Zebrabox world. I had to take a tour of the “Airgate” building, because 1500 storage units on 6 floors is pretty impressive! Then we took a close look at the website, existing content and social media channels. The day flew by.

Now you have been here for a year. How do you normally start your work day?

Drinking coffee. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Tell us, how do you get to work? By car or public transport?

Public transport. I think it's more convenient to get to work by train. That way there is time for a good book or series. (laughs)

What is your work day like?

It's hard to say. When you work in marketing, every day is different, which is the great thing about it. You are constantly on the move and often work creatively. A traditional 9-5 job would not be for me.

OK, so no day is the same. But tell me more specifically what belongs to your sphere of activities?

In the morning when I arrive, I first sit down with my supervisors to discuss what’s on the agenda for the day. A month ago, for example, we had discussed the relaunch of our new website. During this time, I frequently had to test out the website for errors, especially the booking process. The website content must also be optimised and adapted regularly, which is where I come into play. I also write new blog posts or posts about company news, which are then published on the website and social media. Projects with photographers, installing signage and much more are part of my tasks, which makes it all super exciting and varied.

What is your number 1 when it comes to lunch?

The Enzian directly opposite Coop Pronto. They have delicious home-made tarts, salads, pastries and daily menus at very fair prices. It's very convenient for students. (laughs)

What kinds of things bother you and what aspect would you especially want to praise about Zebrabox?

That I do not have a permanent job as an intern, which is also an advantage, because then I get to be in contact with everyone and find inspiration.

What do you look forward to with Zebrabox in the future?

That I hopefully learn a lot here and can use my knowledge from my studies meaningfully. In addition, Zebrabox is a very dynamic company, which is constantly on the move and thus constantly changing a lot. Thanks to the flat hierarchy, you can get involved easily and new ideas can be implemented quickly. If an idea is good, then we will implement it and see how it is received. Above all, this creative freedom and the dynamic environment promise a hopefully exciting future at Zebrabox.

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