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Self storage and the megatrend of urbanisation

Chicago by night

Urbanisation is advancing and new hurdles have to be overcome. At the same time, there are also enormous opportunities to make cities more resilient. Self storage offers numerous solutions. Plus, is there already a "smart city" in Switzerland?

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a journey through the emissions jungle

Boy looking through magnifying glass

What does our ecological footprint look like? Where can we still improve? Zebrabox's first CO2 balance will soon be published, allowing us to define targets and measures. We take you on a journey through the emissions jungle.

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In conversation with CEO Christian Schmutz

Portrait of CEO Zebrabox

Zebrabox is going from strength to strength and is constantly evolving. Areas such as digitalisation, property development and expansion dominate the day-to-day work of our CEO, Christian Schmutz. We interviewed him to chat about all things Zebrabox.

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The latest from Zebrabox

Zebrabox Logo auf Gebäude

Zebrabox is in full swing and is kicking it up a notch again in 2022. Floors are being expanded and new locations are being added, across all of Switzerland. In this article, we will chat a little bit about the latest news and tell you more about our ongoing projects.

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Self-check-in storage units

Self Check-in Self Storage in Winterthur

We are already familiar with it at McDonald’s, now it is also available for self-storage – introducing self-check-in. At the Zebrabox kiosk in Winterthur, you can book the ideal storage unit for your requirements via our self-service kiosk and start storing straightaway.

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We are industry champions!

Customers rate self-storage company Zebrabox

Two golds, one silver. Zebrabox ranks highly in the SIQT Industry Awards 2020/21, where different Swiss businesses and products are rated every year by consumers. As of this year, the Swiss self-storage industry is also part of the study, symbolising the sector’s growing relevance on the Swiss market.

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