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Small storage for Start-Ups

Have you founded a new company or are you going to? Do you need a flexible storage solution to support your business idea efficiently at great price value?

At Zebrabox you can start storing from CHF 49.- per month. If your business develops you can adapt the storage size needed at any time no matter if you downsize or enlarge, you only pay for what you need. We take care of the reception of your goods. That allows you to focus on the essential. If needed you can also resign with a notice period of only 14 days. This way you don’t have any long term commitments. Zebrabox is your flexible partner leading you to success.

Self Storage, Selfstorage or Ministorage allows you to rent your personal storage.

With Zebrabox you have the choice from very small (1m3) to very large (50m2). From short term (as off one week) to long term. You have access 7 days a week in most cases from 6am until 10pm.Up to 24 hours access available, if needed Each storage is individually alarm-secured and sight-protected. Our buildings are video surveyed.

Looking for a storage solution for your startup?
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