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Small storage for Start-Ups

Did you recently found a company or are just about to open a business? You can't forget a storage unit when planning your start-up. You are in the right place here! With Zebrabox, you can lease the ideal storage unit for your start-up from CHF 49.- per month.

Start-up foundation: What do you need to keep in mind?

Do you have the perfect business idea and want to make it a reality? There are two things to keep in mind. In addition to financing, selecting a suitable company structure, setting up a new website, etc., there are many other things that a start-up company needs to pay attention to. One item not to be neglected when founding a company is the organisation of a storage unit, whether it is for the required archive storage or for storing your goods. It is often difficult to find a centrally-located and affordable storage unit with ideal storage conditions. This is where Zebrabox can help you with its flexible storage solutions.

Use our website to find the right storage solution for your business or get some help from our customer advisers at +41 (0)848 932 722.

Looking for a storage solution for your startup?
Find the right storage space

We grow with you

No matter how much storage you need, we offer you the ideal storage unit for your start-up. You can flexibly adjust the size of the storage unit to your needs if your company is growing. We grow with you. If necessary, you can cancel your storage within a period of 14 days, giving you maximum flexibility. Just what start-ups need in their foundation phase.

Less stress thanks to Zebrabox

The company founding phase is a tough piece of work and is often very stressful. Time is a precious commodity, which is why we're here to help you! Have your parcels delivered to Zebrabox and we will receive them free of charge. We will inform you by text message as soon as we receive the delivery. In addition, we can store parcels in your storage unit for you. This spares you many unnecessary trips so you can focus on other things.

Startup lagert seine Waren bei Zebrabox

Storage solutions with the perfect conditions

You can lease a personal storage unit with Self Storage, Selfstorage or Ministorage. With Zebrabox, you can choose between a wide range of storage sizes from very small (1m3) to very large (50m2). You can store items for as little as a week and, if you want, for an unlimited amount of time. You have free access to your storage unit 7 days a week from 6-10pm (on request 24/7).

Zebrabox takes care of your storage too when it comes to security. All of our facilities are video monitored and each storage unit comes with an individual alarm. So you can store your valuable goods with Zebrabox without worrying. Zebrabox also offers you ideal storage conditions for your start-up. All facilities have year-round climate control and low humidity so you can store sensitive goods too for long periods of time without worrying.

Z├╝rich Startup in der Zebrabox

With 12 central locations in Basel, Bern, Horgen, IttigenLausanne, Schlieren, Spreitenbach, St. GallenTherwil, Villeneuve, Winterthur and Zurich, Zebrabox is your flexible partner who will help you be successful.

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