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Storage packing material

In our locations Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Winterthur and Zurich you will find a large selection of high-quality packaging and moving materials. Whether you need moving boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, protective covers, tissue paper, etc. everything is available and will ensure that your belongings will survive the move safely and undamaged.

Would you like to buy packaging material? Please give us a call on +41 (0)848 932 722 or contact us online. We prepare everything for you and make the order ready for collection.

Box Nr.1

Box Nr.1 486 x 286 x 322 mm

Books, folders (8 pieces), heavy objects, CD‘s


Box Nr.2

Box Nr.2486 x 486 x 322 mm

Dishes, glassware, vases, curtains


Box Nr.3

Box Nr.3486 x 486 x 672 mm

Bed linen, pillows, duvets, folded clothes, lampshades


Box Nr.4

Box Nr.4586 x 396 x 322 mm

The ”classical removal box“ for clothes, pans & pots, lamps, etc.


Box Nr.5

Box Nr.5600 x 410 x 350 mm

Box for hanging maps


Box Nr.6

Box Nr.6635 x 330 x 300 mm

Multi Box, no tape needed


Box Nr.7

Box Nr.7365 x 272 x 354 mm

Bottle box for 12 bottles


Box Nr.8

Box Nr.8496 x 496 x 1352 mm

Clothes on hangers, coats, suits, pants, shirts


Box Nr.9

Box Nr.9496 x 496 x 1000 mm

Clothes on hangers, suits, pants


Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap10 x 1m

Durable protection for delicate items


Silky wrapping paper

Silky wrapping paper1 kg

protects your tableware or glasses


Scotch tape

Scotch tape55 mm x 66 m

The nicest tape on earth


Cardboard protection

Cardboard protection820 x 560 x 90 mm

To protect corner of pictures, mirrors, TV-Flat screens


Box file

Box file325 x 100 x 270 mm

Content of a folder 8/4


Arm chair cover

Arm chair cover 117 x 183cm

Cover for your arm chair


Couch cover

Sofa cover 114 x 386 cm

Cover for your sofa


Mattress covers

Mattress covers 2 x (228 x 101 x 25 cm)

Double size normal
(2 pieces)


Mattress cover

Mattress cover 228 x 193 x 38 cm

King size large
(1 piece)


Dust cover

Dust cover 3 x 6m

Big dust cover to protect various items


Utility knife

Utility knife

The one and only "moving knife"




To mark your boxes


Multi-use gloves

Multi-use gloves

Your hands need protection too


Buy our complete kits

Are you planning your removal and you need several moving boxes and packing material? You have the choice between four different predefined complete kits!

Instead of buying each moving box individually you have the possibility to purchase one of the complete kits, which suits your removal perfectly. A great way to save money and time. Choose your complete kit, pick it up at the nearest Zebrabox location and let’s begin your carefree removal! You can order by phone +41 (0)848 932 722 or contact us online.

Kit Nr.1

Kit Nr.1 2-2½ Rooms

10x Nr. 4
5x Nr. 1
1x Bubble wrap
1x Scotch tape
1x Mattress cover 
1x Silky wrapping paper


Kit Nr. 2

Kit Nr.23-3½ Rooms

15x Nr. 4
12x Nr. 1
1x Nr. 8
1x Nr. 9
1x Nr. 3
2x Scotch tapes
1x Silky wrapping paper
1x Mattress cover 
1x Sofa cover


Kit Nr. 3

Kit Nr.34-4½ Rooms

20x Nr. 4
10x Nr. 1
2x Nr. 8
1x Nr. 3
1x Silky wrapping paper
1x Bubble wrap
1x Dust cover
1x Mattress cover 
3x Scotch tapes
1x Marker
1x Utility knife


Kit Nr. 4

Kit Nr.45 Rooms

25x Nr. 4
15x Nr. 1
2x Nr. 9
3x Nr. 8
2x Nr. 3
1x Silky wrapping paper
1x Bubble wrap
1x Dust cover
1x Mattress cover 
1x Sofa cover
3x Scotch tapes
1x Marker
1x Utility knife